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Minggu, 28 September 2014

What is Computer Driver?

Understanding Computer Drivers 

Driver information technology is a term in English which refers to the software component that allows a computer system to communicate with a hardware device. Most of the hardware, it will not be able to run or not run at all without the right driver installed in the operating system. 

Type of Component Driver 

Drivers are divided based on their use: 

  1. Audio driver: audio-related components or sound 
  2. Driver Bios: component related to the motherboard 
  3. Chipset Driver: components associated with chip components on the motherboard
  4. Graphics Driver: components related to visual 
  5. Driver Keyboard: component associated with keyboard 
  6. Driver Mouse: mouse-related components 
  7. Driver Storage: component associated with the storage device 
  8. Driver Webcam: camera-related component 
  9. Driver Network: network-related components 

Understanding is a software driver that is part of the operating system that served to bridge the core operating system with the hardware. A driver is software that governs how the hardware behaves. Without drivers, the hardware will not understand what is commanded by the operating system. We can analogize the driver in a computer with a driver / driver in the real world. The operating system is the passenger or the employer. The employer does not know how to drive a car, he just ordered the driver to take him to the car somewhere. Well, the driver which will take care of how the car was run, whether it be forward, backward, added speed, braking, turning and so on. 

FUNCTION DRIVER: is to introduce hardware to the operating system (such as Microsoft Windows or Linux) that exist on the PC or COMPUTER. commonly which was introduced by the driver are: VGA, Sound Card, Bluetooth (if any), WIFI (if any), Card Reader (if any), and some of the internal socket in the motherboard. 
-Plugging software and hardware 
-intoduce new peripherals so that peripherals can be recognized and used by the computer.