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Sabtu, 27 September 2014

What is Operating System?

Definition of Operating System 

understanding of the operating system 

Understanding Computer Operating system is a computer software or software that is tasked to perform control and management of hardware and basic system operations, including the execution of software applications such as data processing programs that can be used to facilitate human activity. Operating Systems in English is called Operating System, or commonly abbreviated with the OS. 

Operating system software on the computer is the first layer that is placed on computer memory, (in terms of computer memory is no hard drive, not the ram memory) when the computer is turned on. While other software is run after the computer operating system is running, and the Operating System will perform the core public service for the software. Common core services such as access to the disk, memory management, task scheduling, and user interface. So that each software no longer need to perform the duties of the common core, because it can be served and carried out by the Operating System. Sections of code that perform tasks common core and the kernel is called with an Operating System. 

Operating system serves as a liaison between the hardware layer and the software layer. in addition, the computer operating system as well do all the important commands in the computer, and ensure that different applications can function simultaneously running smoothly without a hitch. Computer Operating System ensure other software applications can use memory, input and output do to other equipment, and have access to the file system. If multiple applications running simultaneously, then the computer operating system will set a precise timetable, so as much as possible all the processes running on the computer to get enough time to use the CPU and not mutually interfere with other devices. 

Examples of computer operating system instance is Windows, Linux, MacOS, and others. Below is the user interface of Windows 7 operating system, Linux (Ubuntu), and Mac OS X 

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