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Selasa, 30 September 2014

What is Ping of Death?

Understanding Ping of Death.
Ping of Death is a type of attack that uses the ping utility found on the computer's operating system. Ping is used to check the time that would be required to send certain data from one computer to others. The maximum length of the data according to the TCP IP protocol is 65,536 bytes.

In addition, Ping of Death attack packets can easily be spoofed or engineered so that it can not know the true origin of which, and the attacker only needs to know the IP address of the victim computer. So attacker can send various ICMP packets are fragmented so that a package is put together back, then the entire packet size exceeds the limit of 65536 bytes. A simple example as follows:

C: \ windows> ping-l 65 540

MSDOS command over pinging or sending an ICMP packet size of 65 540 bytes to a host / server. In these types of attacks, the data to be sent exceeds the maximum length supplied. If the system is not ready when receiving data, then the system will hang, crash, or reboot.