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Sabtu, 27 September 2014

What is server?

Understanding Server And its Kind. To understanding servers is one of the supporting instruments in the field of computers. In an organization, for example at a manufacturing company, there are a lot of computers that can be connected with each other. Interconnected computers that form a network, called network computers. Data traffic that occurs on the network, set with a central computer or server often kta call. 

Understanding Server 

Understanding server is a computer that regulates the data traffic that occurs on a network. In a network comprising several computers and a lot of self interconnected. Computer servers provide services to a number of interconnected computers, in doing data access for example to access restrictions, the data control and data flow that occurs. 

  1. Understanding server function in a network generally include: 
  2. Storing database and applications needed by the client computer 
  3. Provide security with server-based security features 
  4. Provide firewall protection on entire computer network 

In building a computer server computer hardware specifications required more than the usual computers. Computer server used for any specific operating system called a server operating system, as follows: 

  1. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 
  2. Sun Solaris 
  3. UNIX 
  4. Redhat Linux 
  5. Amiga 
  6. Debian 

Specifications that need to be considered in building a computer server as follows:

  1. RAM - capacity to reach all activities yankni access client queries are used throughout the computer in the network. It is strongly connected to the computer memory which is enough to access all the computers in the network. 
  2. Processor - In addition to ample memory, fast access speeds must be owned by the computer's processor. Multi-tasking activities must be balanced with the ability of the server processor. 
  3. Hard Drive - Storage is the next important thing to note, because in an entire computer network topology data storage will be centralized on a server computer 

Types of Servers 

There are several types of servers that are categorized by function as follows: 

  1. Proxy Server - Proxy Server to throttle demand, the performance of the connection and sharing of files between the client and the server outside the network 
  2. Telnet Server - Perform a remote computer to log in and log out a host computer 
  3. Virtual Servers - Make the number of physical servers, as if a few servers. 
  4. Web Server - Provides content on to the web browser to communicate using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). 
  5. Audio and Video Server - Provides multimedia features on a website to broadcast streaming multimedia content 
  6. File Transfer Protocol Server: FTP server is used for data transfer within the network 
  7. Application Server: serve to process orders in the network between the client and the database 
  8. Mail Server - the server that handles the problem type to handle e-mail 
  9. News Server - Doing istribusi and delivery for many public news groups, through USENET news network 

In understanding the above server is very noticeable how the role of the server on the computer network, so it requires a good calculation for building powerful servers.