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Minggu, 28 September 2014

What is website?

The website is a collection of pages of the site, which is summarized in a domain or subdomain, which is where he is in the World Wide Web (WWW) on the Internet. A web page is usually a document written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), which is always accessible via HTTP, a protocol that conveys information from the server website to be displayed to the user via a web browser.dan website or websites can also be interpreted as a collection of pages that display information text data, still or motion picture data, animation data, voice, video and or a combination of these, whether they are static or dynamic which form a series of interconnected buildings which are respectively connected to the networks pages (hyperlinks). 

History of WWW or World Wide Web 

WWW or World Wide Web is a program invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991 Originally Berners-Lee just wants to find a way to develop his research archives. To that end, he developed a system for personal use. The system is a software program which is named Equire. With the program, Berners-Lee succeeded in creating a linked network between the various archives so as to facilitate the needed information. This then becomes the basis of a revolution known as the web. 
WWW was first developed at the Research Center of the European Particle Physics (CERN), Geneva, Switzerland. In 1989 Berners-Lee made ​​a proposal for a global hypertext project-making, then in October 1990, 'World Wide Web' was able to run the CERN environment. In the summer of 1991, official WWW is used widely on the Internet. 

Types of Website 

Broadly speaking, the website can be classified into 3 parts: 
1 Static Websites 

2 Dynamic Websites 

3 Interactive Website 

Static websites are web pages that have not changed. It means to make changes to a page done manually by editing the code structure of the website. 

Dynamic websites are websites that are structurally intended to update as often as possible. Usually the main addition that can be accessed by users in general, also provided a backend to edit the content of the website. Typical examples of dynamic website is a web news portal or web in which there are facilities news, polls and so on 

Interactive website is web today is booming. One example is the interactive website blogs and forums. On this website users can interact and collide into an argument about what they thought. Usually websites like having a moderator to arrange for the topics discussed are not out of line. 

benefits of website 

Some of the fundamental reasons why major companies or even individuals make or wish to have a website or internet site, which is: 
Extending the reach of the promotion, with a website then our products more known to the public-even to foreign countries. Products that can be offered through the website may be goods or services. With the breadth of the automatic promotion will increase sales of our company. 
  Media without boundaries, the internet is a medium of information indefinitely. By having a website means that we may just have the employees who promote our products 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This means that our website will provide information to prospective buyers for 24 hours non-stop. 
  Internet can be accessed by all the people in the antero lapiran universe (unlimited user access). 
  Promotion widest, the internet is the widest media campaign if viewed from the eyes of the range or coverage area (unlimited scopt of areas). 
Introduction of media companies. If we just set up a new company or just launching a product, then websitelah solution. Why is this so? With the website we more quickly introduce our company and the company closer to the customer. This is due to internal customers external nor Mr could dig deeper into the history of the company, services or products on offer, even the detailed job information and company information. 
  As a media campaign, the Internet is one of the media campaign that menarkan relatively efficient cost associated with optimizing the coverage area with the greatest benefit. 
Another element in the elements of a Website. 

Domain name 
Domain names or commonly called the Domain Name or URL is a unique address in the internet world that is used to identify a website, or in other words, the domain name is the address that is used to find a website on the World internet. for name / address of the site, one of the formats standard names used are as follows: 

protocol-name: / name of host / path / filename 

name-protocols such as http, https, ftp.

host name-for example www.google.com 

file name, for example doc.html 

Examples of domain name extensions State location is: 

.co.uk: For enterprises that have a valid legal entity in england
ac.edu: For Institutions 
go.id: Special to the Indonesian Government Institutions 
.blogspot.com: Especially for google blogger users
.org: For all kinds of organizations block,
.web.id: Intended for enterprises, organizations or individuals who perform activities on the World Wide Web