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Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

Beginner blogger tips

The amount of information that is spread on the internet is not always helpful. Often, too much information is actually even create confusion. Which is correct? Which one is to be trusted? Which one should be followed? 

As a result, not everyone can find a starting point to start to earn money from a blog. 

This practical article I wrote specifically for those who are actually still new, still "newbie", in the world make money from blogging. Still new, meaning YET falls entirely in the world of blogging for money and has NOT been earning money from blogging. If you belong to the group, please read and it never hurts to bookmark this page. And for those of you who do not already belong to a group that I mean, do not need to read this article. I'm sure you've been in the right way to make money from your blog. 

So, let's get start now! 

For Beginners: 
6 Steps TESTED Blog Monetization.

If you have to write for a long period (eg 6 months), roughly what topics you want to write? Sports? Entertainment? Politics? Technology? 

"Why does love become an important topic of the blog?" 

First, because if you love what you write on your blog, then you most likely will last longer in the world make money from blogging. 
Second, because if you love what you write on your blog, then your blog readers will be able to see your spirit in your articles. It would be difficult to convince readers of your blog if you do not believe in what you write on your blog. Moreover, it seems to me, the approach niche blogging until now proved still better than general blogging to make money from blogs. Instead of writing anything that was happening around us, it would be better if we write in a focused one topic that we are interested. 

How do I determine the niche / niche blog? 

Here are 4 simple steps define the niche / niche to blog: 

1. Select General Topics 
No need to start from scratch. Currently there are quite a lot of websites or portals that you can observe and use as a patron. Take for example In page, you will find categories based on general topics such as Sports, Entertainment, Business and Finance, Technology, Female, Automotive and others. By utilizing these categories, which topics interest you most? Choose one and then write on a piece of paper. 

Example, you select the topic "Sport". 

2. Narrow your topic 
The next question is: What sport do you like most? Basketball? Football? Boxing? Sumo? Let's say you choose the Football. Football is where? English Premier League? Italian League? Or football League? If you for example select the "Premier League", the topic can still be narrowed further by choosing the "Premier League" (or the Premier League). In other words, after finding common topics that interest you, the next step you should do is narrow down the general topic. In my opinion, the more narrow and focused topic you choose, the better. Again, choose one and then write on a piece of paper. 

Example, you select the "Premier League". 

3. Research Topic 
Once you've narrowed down the topic, the next step is to conduct a research topic you have chosen. Research topics are intended to obtain information about the level of competition topics, especially those that appear as search results, the extent of the search results and key words relating to your chosen topic. By knowing the level of competition, the number of search results in search engines and keywords related to the topic you choose, the opportunity to share of niche / niche your blog will be even greater. Although not fully describe the topic you choose, you can take advantage of the features of Google Adwords keyword research for your topic research purposes. 

Once you are ready with the niche / niche what your field, it is time to start building your blog. If you really still just want to make your first blog, it does not hurt to create a blog-for-pay, such as or Among the many blog platforms, these platforms are arguably the most popular and easy to use. In my opinion, if you are just learning to create a blog to make money from blogging purposes, using Blogger is a more sensible choice than using WordPress. Why? Because WordPress (which is non-paid or free) can not be tampered with for the purpose of making money from blogs. Instead, Blogger has features that are ready-to-wear monetization for use (including Google Adsense). However, once you have enough money, it is wise if you immediately build a blog with a domain and hosting your own self-contained (no longer using a domain ending in or Blog with independent domain and hosting, in addition to seem more professional, it will also allow you to choose a monetization model. If you are ready with enough money, buy a domain (costing $ 9.5 for the year) and hosting (with the service and the price varies) is an investment that is worth doing. 

What is a pillar article? Simply put, pillar article is an article, usually long and structured, which contains valuable information or the primary reference that are beneficial, which is published on the blog. A pillar article is often not bound by time and will always be read by those who need it. In addition, the article pillar also has an important role to build authority and attract visitor traffic to your blog. If you want to seriously pursue the activity of blogging for money, it seems to me, at least you have to write at least 5-10 articles pillar on your blog. 

What type of pillar articles you can write? 

1. Tips and Tricks : what tips and tricks that you can provide to help solve the problems faced by visitors to your blog? 

2. Guide Tutorial : step by step practical guide of how to do something useful for your blog visitors. 

3. Question and Answer : any questions you can answer to help visitors of your blog? 

4. Study Case : You can also write specific case studies that intentionally do to help solve the problems facing your blog readers. 

5. Referral Source : You do not need to write your own article pillar, but enough to summarize the articles weighing from various sources (of course with a link-link) about a particular topic and display it on your blog page. 

Building a blog is one thing, but if your blog then easily searchable via search engines is another. If your blog is not easy to find through search engines, then surely the number of visitors will be limited. Admittedly, the biggest channel current blog visitors come from search results (like Google or Yahoo). So on the fourth step, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) are two things that you need to prioritize MANDATORY if you want to gain money from your blog. 

What is SEO? What is SMO? 

In simple terms SEO or search engine optimization is optimization techniques are performed to maximize its ranking a site or blog in the eyes of search engines. The higher the ranking position of a blog in search engines such as Google, the greater the chances of getting large amounts of visitor traffic. Meanwhile, in a simple SMO or social media optimization is online promotion strategies undertaken with a focus on optimizing tools and social media platforms (eg Facebook, Twitter, Digg). 
By doing optimization SEO and SMO blog so now you are ready to compete for visitor traffic through search engines and social media as well. 

Is it to get hundreds or even thousands of visitors to the blog enough to perform any optimization SEO and SMO? NO..!

In my opinion, just do SEO and SMO optimization alone is not enough. It was only halfway. In other words, you still have to promote your blog, ranging from the most simple way and it's free (for example, by leaving comments on other blogs using the identity of your blog name), to the most complex and paid (eg by using Google Adwords ad network) . 

The better you do the promotion strategy, the greater the chance of exposure to your blog in cyberspace and, in turn, the more people will visit your blog. The result: increased traffic, earnings your blog will increase. 

6. CHOOSE monetization type
The last step is of course you have to do to earn money from your blog is: choose the model of monetization for your blog. Once your blog has a significant number of visitors and stable (how many can be very relative), then you can begin to determine what program would you use to make your blog can make money continuously. There are many models and monetization programs to choose from, ranging from the simple (eg PPC, where you can just copy and paste the ad code on your blog) until that require special expertise (for example, open a membership site). 

"When can I start a blog monetization?" 

There are a variety of options. You can start to monetize the blog as soon as your blog is finished. Alternatively, you can also choose to start monetizing your blog as the number of visitors your blog quite a lot and stable. The choice is entirely yours. However, it seems to me, would be more secure if you first do all 5 steps above prior to monetization for your blog. 

After doing monetization, so now you're ready to make money from your blog. While continuing to manage the blog you have built, the evaluation of the results you get and doing corrective actions if necessary. 

That's 6 step proven that you can do if you want to immediately start making money from your blog. However, the six steps above will only live to be "empty theory" if you just read and not do anything. 

Do act now! 

Time goes by. 

So, act immediately. Perform the above steps correctly sixth and God willing you will begin to feel the pleasure of earning money from blogging. 

Happy blogging and make money from blogging! 

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