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Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2014

Easy step to protect your data

Protecting the personal data, you have to know and think about your computer which contains important data especially the jobs data from the office or personal pictures. Another thing worthy of note that the virtual world has given such facilities in such transactions; online banking, purchasing goods via the web store, apply for a passport and even pay taxes online. 

Online transactions are very comfortable but there is a potential safety hazard data. You see, your personal information stored on your computer will be delivered online. That way one can access and can steal your identity and steal your bank account. That's why you need to pay extra attention to protecting your privacy. 
And the three best ways to do this is as follows: 

Install security software:

Encrypt your data

1. Install security software 

The first thing you need to do to protect your privacy is to install a good security software. There are many anti-virus and anti-malware available for download and most excellent quality. Try to look for a security suite of anti-virus or Internet that get updated every day, offering real-time protection, and not overly burden the system. Most often used as a paid security program Kaspersky, ESET and Sophos. There also are free, such as Microsoft Security Essentials and Avast. 

2. Use the file shredder 

After installing antivirus on your PC, it is necessary to ensure that our important files safe. The first thing to do is to ensure that deleted files are permanently destroyed. Even files that have been deleted from the recycle bin can still be stolen. 

This is possible because Windows does not delete files completely when you click on the Del key. Instead, the operating system marks the space occupied by these files, which means that file has been removed from the trash still in the computer. This means that your confidential files, such as bank statements with your name address, can be recovered using a free file recovery software. 

Fortunately, there is an easy solution - all you need to do is use a file shredder to delete files that contain confidential information. A good program file that will destroy the data you do not need anymore, so it can not be stolen again. 

3. Encrypt important data 

And now you have to follow three steps to protect your privacy is to encrypt your sensitive files. If you are storing confidential information on your computer, you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. Including confidential information ie; your passwords, bank details, personal photos, and whatever you identify yourself. That's why you have to use file encryption software such as SensiGuard to protect your privacy. 

Now that you know what you should do to protect your privacy. Do not forget to follow this recommendation and will keep your computer safe. Thankyou.