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Senin, 20 Oktober 2014

How do I know my gmail was hacked or not?

Gmail is one of the best service at this time in sending an email message, but it's a loophole hackers in today's biggest security breach which has led to approximately 5 million users affected, the motive is not yet known what the burglary and whether your account is included in them ?. 

A shocking report that was recently upset the Gmail email users, that has 5 million usernames and passwords were published online Gmail account in a Russian Bitcoin forum. 

Here are tips to know if your Gmail username and paswword affected by this trap, you first need to visit here or type this on your browser url bar, Enter your Gmail address at the top of the column of the screen and you will be notified if your account is affected by the attack, as proof to Gmail users affected this trap, this website will display the first two characters of your Gmail password attack. 

Soon Visit the following url: 

The next step click the Security tab on the page that allows you to change your email password and change it immediately. affected by whether or not your Gmail account from the hacker's actions, good in this opportunity you should immediately activate '2-step verification' in your Google account. 

On the pages listed security or a security list 2-step verification. Later you are asked to enter the phone number to get a confirmation code every time you log into your Google account from any device.

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