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Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

How to build a professional blog?

Making money through blogs is actually NOT a simple case of PPC display banner ads in the sidebar of a blog, writing paid reviews, or offer ad spots independently. INSTEAD. Because if the problem is just that easy, this time there would have been very many bloggers earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. 

make money via a blog actually is the issue of building a blog that authority should be initiated well in advance before the PPC banner ads attached, before registering the program paid review or prior independent ad spots offered to prospective advertisers. In summary: build authority blogs are absolutely necessary before you make a blog monetization. 

Actually what authority a blog? 

Simply put, the authority of the blog is "an accepted source of expert information or advice from a blog" or a reliable source of information or advice from an expert or blogger. A blog that has the authority often a reference for other blogs. For example, belongs Darren Rowse is a blog that has the authority in a particular niche make money from blogging. Or, is a blog that has a special niche authority in copy writing for the blog. With a powerful authority possessed by the two examples above blog, visitor traffic has increased, stronger branding, advertisers, overcrowded and dollar purse was getting thicker. In summary: a blog that has the authority to have a much greater chance of making money than mediocre blog. 

So what is the strategy to build authority blogs? 

Here are seven ways to build authority blogs that I extracted from my own experience over to his blogging activities since 2006. Although it may not be the best strategy, especially the most perfect, perhaps what I have done can be a source of inspiration for you to start building authority for your blog. 

7 Simple Ways to Build Your Blog Authority 

1. Focus on Interests, Hobbies and Your Expertise
A blog that has a definite authority focused on a particular topic. The more in-depth mastery of a topic, the higher the level of authority the blog. Back to the example above blog, and CopyBlogger managed to be a blog with high authority because of the focus on ONE particular topic. So start focusing on interests, hobbies and expertise truly mastered. Do not just go with the flow and a growing trend in the world of blogging. For example, if you have a great interest in the art of paper folding or origami, it does not hurt to write about a variety of issues concerning Origami, rather than just part of it to write about topics that make money from blogging does not actually mastered. Trust me, someday, a blog on the topic Origami yours was definitely a worthwhile experience could serve as a model for writing about the topic make money from blogging if the blog has been really making money. By writing topics of interests or hobbies, you will also be able to enjoy blogging activity for long periods of time. Remember, if you seriously want to pursue the activity of blogging, then inevitably you have to be prepared to survive in a considerable period of time. 

lists to do: 
1. Begin to explore their interests, hobbies and skills mastered. 
2. Start writing in about their interests, hobbies and your expertise through your blog. 
3. Do not underestimate the small and trivial topics that do not see people. Write down whatever your interests and hobbies. 

2. Give the Best For your blog Readers 
Focus on interests, hobbies and skills is the first step, but you can not stop just to be here. The next step you should do to build your blog authorities are trying to provide whatever is best for your blog readers. This means: start writing the best articles for your blog readers. If possible, start writing pillar articles relating to the topic of your blog. Just a reminder, pillar article is an article that is fundamental, timeless and into a body of knowledge for your blog. By writing articles pillar in your topic of interest or mastered on your blog, then you have begun to invest to build the authority of your blog. In addition to writing articles pillar (and another article), try to always give all the best for your blog readers. 

lists to do:  
1. Start writing pillar articles on the topic of your blog. 
2. Try to always present the best articles for your blog readers. 
3. Keep the rhythm of your writing so that the articles you write are always weighted. 

3. Show the proof
Anyone can read a book and cites the theory of the book. Everyone can "teach", but not necessarily able to do what he teaches. Similarly, many people can write with a quote from another blog, but not everyone can write based on personal experience. Because not everyone can have a personal experience that really he did. One of the key if you really want to build the authority of your blog is: start writing based on your own experience. Show me proof, not theory. If necessary, use images and photos that can strengthen your writing. By showing proof of authenticity, then your readers will trust you more. Without presenting evidence from your own experience, then your blog will only be one among the thousands of other blogs that just "quote" from another blog. 

lists to do: 
1. Begin to remember and take stock of your personal experiences as a matter of your blog. 
2. Write articles based on your personal experience. 
3. Do not just "quote" or reports from other blogs. 

4. Get Endorsement From Other Bloggers 
Authority that you have will be stronger if you get the endorsement (recognition or support) from other bloggers in your niche. By getting the endorsement of other bloggers, then your blog readers will be more trust with the authority you have. Remember that one of the most effective ways to promote your blog is to let other people promote your blog. To obtain endorsements from other bloggers, you can ask directly to other bloggers or provide an opportunity for other bloggers to engage in the activity on your blog. 

lists to do: 
1. Begin to establish a more intense networking with other bloggers in your niche. 
2. Elegant ask endorsements to other bloggers in your niche. 

5. Proof of your authority 
Other people need proof that your blog is a blog that has the authority. If you already have enough evidence, it would not hurt to show proof to your blog readers. One proof of authority you can show your blog is the number of RSS subscribers to your blog feed. The more the number of subscribers your blog RSS feeds, the stronger the evidence of the authority that you can tell your blog readers. So, it never hurts to show RSS Reader Counter on your blog. In addition to RSS Feed subscribers, the number of Twitter followers and the number of comments can also be an indicator of the authority of your blog. The formula is the same, the more comments on your blog, the higher authority of your blog. If you do not yet have sufficient evidence, it would not hurt to start building evidence of the authority of your blog from now on. 

lists to do: 
1. Begin registering service providers such RSS Feed. 
2. Start Counter and display RSS Reader Comments Counter on your blog. 
3. Start the Twitter Follower Counter display on your blog. 

6. Help Other Bloggers With Your Authority 
Building authority is not solely the issue of building a blog. Instead, build a blog is a true authority issues build your good name. In other words, build authority means nothing if you do not build a good relationship with the community of bloggers in your niche. Therefore, start helping other bloggers with expertise you have. Give space for your blog readers to ask questions and learn to you. You can begin to build the foundation of your blog readers community by providing assistance to them sincerely. The more you help your blog readers, the more powerful your authority. 

List to do:
1. Begin to form a community of readers of your blog. 
2. Offer to help the readers of your blog related to the skill you have. 
3. Try lot of ideas on how you can help your blog readers. 

7. Maintain Authority By Staying Humble 
The last step you need to do to build your blog authorities are trying to maintain the authority of your blog. The trick? It's easy. Be humble. Be honest to your blog readers. Never lie to your blog readers. If by chance you can not answer the question readers of your blog, there is no harm in telling the truth and convey what it is that you can not answer the question of your blog readers. Also, do not be arrogant. If ever you have a decent accomplishments you are proud of, to say in a way that is fair and polite. By being honest and remain humble, you have to convey the message to the readers of your blog that you deserve to be referred and trusted. 

List to do:
1. Start getting used to being honest and humble. 
2. Answer the questions readers of your blog without having to lie to them. 
3. Do not be arrogant. 

By doing the above seven simple ways, it seems to me, is necessarily the way to make your blog as a blog which has the authority in your niche will definitely be achieved. And the end result, it will more likely you are to make money through your blog. 

To be sure, as I have experienced, build authority blogs is not easy and instant. It takes time. It takes extra energy. It takes patience. But if you are persistent, I believe, has a blog that has the authority and believed not impossible. Though hobbled, I've proved it well anyway. Remember, the blog is already 4 years old. Quite a long time to fall up and survive in the world of blogging. 

What do you think? Are you ready for the long journey predicate blog that has the authority? 

It's great if you want to share with me in the comments field of this blog. Thankyou.