How to change Win 7 start up sound? - Slap The Wizard

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2014

How to change Win 7 start up sound?

Now I will show you how to change the startup sound in Windows 7. Different from Windows XP that we can change it easily. But in Windows 7, we can not change it for granted. but here there is a another way to change the Windows 7 startup sound very easily. 

This method has two ways. 
1. Using software.

2. The second, hack Windows 7 dll files. 
However, I will change it with software alone. Because using the hack could cause possible damage. 

Wanna know? See the following way. 

1. Download this software. 
Download Startup Sound Changer 

2. If it is downloaded, run it as admin. 

3. If it already open, then click Replace. 

4. Search and navigate to the * .wav file you want. 

5. Done. 

This software can also be used in Windows Vista.