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Senin, 20 Oktober 2014

How to get free bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new online business opportunities are much in demand. Or commonly abbreviated btc bitcoin virtual currency which is quite expensive and popular today. Although the price is expensive but it is possible to get a bitcoin must pay. To get bitcoin there are some ways that is through free faucet bitcoin, bitcoin mining (mining bitcoin), trading (trade bitcoin), the game bitcoin, bitcoin investment (investment bitcoin), bitcoin online business and so forth. 

In this article I will provide a guide to get information easily without having to bitcoin mining using certain hardware and software providers but through websites free bitcoin. Bitcoin faucet one alternative to get bitcoin and proven to pay. Bitcoin faucet first designed as a promotional tool to get people interested and involved in using bitcoin as an electronic currency and online payment tool. Some people who have the bitcoin that does not mean much at the time it was thought that, if they give you the opportunity to give to people for free then it would make bitcoin increasingly popular. 


Mined bitcoin just by visiting the site free bitcoin provider, just by filling capcha and see the ads. All you do here is a visit to the site, enter your bitcoin address and fill capcha, you can visit as often as possible, but usually within a specified time such as every 5 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour to once every 24 hours. For each visit to get free bitcoin 0.2100000 Btc (depending on the exchange rate of bitcoin and the bitcoin site). After your visit, the results are sent to the temporary retention of bitcoin like, CoinBox Microwallet and Money Box bictoin the provider. This is done to collect small payments and merge into a larger payment. The more diligent you visit the provider's website bitcoin then the result will be many, this could be the best way to get more bitcoin. Below I will explain mine bitcoin free tutorial complete with pictures and descriptions., Mincrowallet, and Money Box Bitcoin is a free service providers bitcoin temporary storage area to collect small transaction will then be sent to the address of bitcoin, if it meets the specified minimum amount. 

In this Moonbit only once to enter the address, you can close the wallet kita..selanjutnya browsernya..namun do not logout. After some time trying to get into MOONBIT again to attract mining results coin. Press CLAIM NOW. 

On the web is very much giving free links bitcoin. register to mine the coin .. If already registered you can start mine by simply clicking the link. 

you can also click on any link below for a free coin hunting: