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Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2014

how to get income from the Internet for Beginners

Many people are still unsure of the opportunities to make money via the internet. Money online from the virtual world as if it is only met by a sham. However, believe it or not, the internet has become a field of income for many people. They become rich is not the result of hokey-deceptive (scam), but the result of hard work for his hard work. There are many ways to make money in the virtual world, and here are some tips seeking sustenance on the internet that makes sense and is suitable for beginners aka Newbie: 

1. Business Advertising with Blogs 
Blogs are personal websites. Through the blog site, one can write about anything, for example, wrote about the tourist spots, writes information about cooking, writing articles on education, automotive tips and so on. More and more articles are made, the more people who visit the blog site. More and more people (viewers) who visit, then it is said to be more interesting blogs. The more interesting of a blog with the number of visitors that much, then offer advertising opportunities from various companies will be even greater. For example, there used to be a blog unique article that was contracted by a provider of mobile cards with a value of thousands of dollars to showcase its brand on the blog. If there is no company that contracted your site, you can register your site in an ad broker network to display ads from various companies / products. The company that has the product will pay fees to the broker, and the broker will divide the money to you through a bank account, western union or money orders through the mail. Some brokers / agents are proven to pay advertising include Google Adsense, IBN, Chitika, Yahoo's Media Net, and so on. You have to work hard to write quality articles. 

2. Affiliate Program 
Affiliate likened to a realtor. When there is a transaction that occurs, you will get a commission on the sale. To be able to generate business through an affiliate, you must have at least a site / blog as a means of promotion. One of the most famous affiliate program is Amazon. Amazon is a website that provides various types of goods that can be purchased online. The company originated from the United States. And joining the Amazon affiliate, you have chance to earn commission on products purchased by visitors at your site. You must have a website / blog, and on the website belongs to you advertise Amazon products. When a site visitor you are interested in making a purchase Amazon products (eg clothes, jewelery, accessories, books, etc.), then you will get a commission of 10-15% that is sent to your credit card. In addition to Amazon, there are many companies that provide options affiliate business, for example Agoda for hotel booking. 

3. Paid To Survey 
Paid To Survey means to get paid to answer surveys. How does it work? For example, an automotive company that is planning to launch a new motorcycle. To be successful in the market, the company had to do some research beforehand about what kind of model is most desired by customers. If they do their own research by going directly to the field looking for the data to the public, it will take time and cost a lot. Therefore they entrust the matter to the survey provider company. Well, if you have spare time, you can enroll to the survey agency that is ready to become a member of the survey. You will be sent an email about a variety of questions to be answered every day / week. By agency survey, the survey of the members shall be reported to the company requesting his services, so the company has a clear picture of the current consumer desires. Then the Company will pay according to the contract to the provider survey, and we will receive the results of the survey division of the agency. Some survey agencies services that you can follow Mass iPanel online, paid online survey, etc. In addition to paid to the survey, there is also a business term paid to review, that you will be paid if the write (review) of a product on your site. 

4. Post the Videos 
If you like to record various events in a video, then you can make money from the internet. One program is memoneitise videos via Youtube. You surely have heard of or even familiar with the site to share the Youtube video called. By uploading videos of unique or informative videos on Youtube, you have the opportunity to earn money through the ads displayed by Google on your video. Each thousands of impressions impressions, or every person who mengkli'k ads on your video display, then you will get the dollar coins. Every $ 100 raised, you can withdraw via check or send it by Western Union. To join this program, you are at least 18 years old, had some original videos, and sign up on the website Youtube. Google will consider the feasibility of your videos to advertise. Video type most likely to make money is the tutorial videos, for example, how to cook videos, video repairing mobile phones, video tourist attractions, and other informative videos. 
Similarly, the four types of sources of income you can get from the internet. If you are already proficient, then selling software, selling e-book, link brokers, selling domains, so web designer, create online stores, and other Internet business skills you can do to increase your savings account.