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Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2014

how to get indexed by search engine fast; SEO basic tehnique

One of the tools needed by the webmaster (owner of the web / blog) is a webmaster tools, is not only the the webmasters who needs this tool, as bloggers we also need a tool to monitor the development of our blog in the search engines. Webmaster tools are available free of charge at each of the search engines, such as have the most popular search engine, Google. 

This time we will know what is Google Webmaster Tools and how to use them. Google Webmaster Tools can be visited at the following address We can log in using a Google account (if you have a list in Gmail, it means we have to have a Google account). Using Google Webmaster Tools allows us as a webmaster / blogger to communicate in both directions with Google. 

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the help or feature provided by Google in it easier for owners of web / blog to observe the top search keywords, keywords in the blog Domination, index, popular keywords, how often Google to stop by your blog as well as the problems - problems such as broken links, and crawl errors. Surely google webmaster is very useful for the newbie as well as a master. But now Google Webmaster Tools more stable. Google Webmaster now supports Data Impressions & Clickthrough for our blog. 

The main benefit of this is the use webmastertools index accelerate our blog in google, it is very useful to optimize SEO blog, but it also adds to trust Google terhadapat our blog, such as get sitelinks and display breadcrumb our blog on google search results, and how to register in Google Webmaster tools? Actually we do not need to register with Google Webmaster Tools, just we have a Google or gmail email account. Furthermore, we can directly sign in to Google Webmaster Tools. 


Maximizing the function of Google Webmaster Tools is the key to success in managing a blog to be perched on Google, not only on the template seo techniques and meta-blogs but the settings in google webmaster tools is very influential google webmaster tools which serves as the indexing process optimization blog to search engines (search engines). Because we are in the power of google, so what's the secrets that exist in webmater tools: 

Creating the sitemap feed format 
One way to facilitate the Google spider to index page is to steer through sitemaps. To facilitate in making sitemaps sitemaps generator use special services blogspot. Or standard format Atom.xml feed. and also prepare backup format feed that is 

feeds / posts / default 
feeds / posts / default? alt = rss 

Perform site verification 

Site verification meta tag is to install Google on this blog need to be done as a matter of information that we have signed up in the Google search engine and the Google spider speeds up work, as well as prevent them from happening duplicate meta tag verification because Google does not like this. 
Furthermore, Google will give Google ordinances verify meta to our blog, choose to manually copy and paste the code in the blog, put it under the <head>.