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Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2014

How to Improve Business Promotion with Pinterest

Social media into a tool powerful enough in marketing and business branding. Two social networks are most commonly used in business affairs is facebook and twitter. With the growing diversity of social networks makes the businessman has a variety of options for socializing in cyberspace showcase business products. One of the social networking that is now also increasingly popular and used in business promotion is Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a social network that emphasizes on posting photos or images that could be included in certain categories (album / folder) as the user desires. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard likened to a kind of media that gives to users to share photos and gave me the sign-pin or repin to the images of interest. To create a Pinterest account is quite easy, you just need an email or also use facebook and twitter account for registration. Once your account is verified and active Pinterest, it can directly be used, either for personal or media helps business promotion. 

Are you interested in using Pinterest as a medium for marketing and promotion of your business? If yes, here is a glimpse of the tips are summarized from various sources: 

1. Register on Business Accounts 
As well as Facebook and Twitter, social networks Pinterest account also gives two options, namely for personal and business needs. If your business in the name of the company (even though small firms), it is better to register on the type of business account, because there are several additional features that will be provided. 

2. Create an image or photograph of Interest and Qualified 
Pinterest is to put forward an image. To attract other people to settle your pinterest page, create an image or photo quality, both in terms of sharpness and uniqueness pixel theme. With an interesting picture or photograph, the more you will certainly want to re-repin (put back in their accounts) thus indirectly helping to market your business products. 

3. Integrate (Associate) with the FB account, Twitter, and Your Business Website Pages 
This integration aims to reinforce the marketing strategy in cyberspace. People call it a cross promotion. If you have an online store, do not forget to display the website address on your Pinterest page, and otherwise provide the Pin button on your pages. 

4. Build Your Pinterest Community 
Active, inactive, and active. Once you create an account pinterest with a clear profile, then immediately wake up your community. following others, give a "like" or re-pinning are few businesses that you can do to expand your social community. In order not to impressed as spam, so your pinterest page for the percentage distribution of the types of images you pin (upload). That is, it is advisable not to 100% only display your business products. According to a book called The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business, in an effort to make Pinterest the effect, then make it inviting boards are 40% pin inspirational or motivational value, 40% of the pins that provide instruction and education, and the rest (20%) are pin about the product or brand your business. 

5. Note the Pin Placement 
Place your main pin (especially those related to your business) in a strategic position. According to various researches, the pin locations receive the most attention (most viewed) is on top and in the middle of the second row of the board.

6. Improve your Pull Pin with Variety Multi Media 
People may sometimes bored just looking at a row of pictures alone. To further drive traffic to your Pinterest page, then try using a variety of multi-media, such as videos, podcasts, screencasts, and others. There is also a good idea to include a pin on tutorials, product demos, a small tour, presentation, and so on. 

7. Use Unique Ways 
In Europe and America, some businesses use unique methods and creative in growing public interest in its business products through Pinterest, for example, using Guest Pinners of a well-known figure. Thus, these figures (whether it be celebrities, public figures, or famous person) is asked to pin something on the board of the company. By doing so, the product or brand being promoted special attention from Pinterest users. In Japan, an electronics company 1 dollar reward to customers who re-pin the products. But money is not received by the customers, but donated to charity. It became a positive value in the eyes of customers and potential new customers. 

8. Performance Analysis Pinterest Your Business 
Another routine that needs to be done is to analyze the performance of social media for your business. You can use Pinterest Web Analytic tools to determine which pins most got the attention of visitors. By knowing the description of the performance, you can arrange a more appropriate way for the next marketing strategy.