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Kamis, 16 Oktober 2014

how to increase blog traffic

For a blogger or online business, traffic is very important for all bloggers or internet marketers definitely want a famous website and can be a profitable business. Actually there are many ways that we can do to help increase the number of visitors to our site. Some efforts to increase traffic to our site we can do it for free, but there are also a source of traffic that is in need of capital. Strategies such as what is the most suitable for your blog / website? 

In this article I will try to explain some of the potential ways to increase traffic to our website, whether free or paid ways. While there are many ways that we can do, but not all the way to match the type of blog / website that we have. We must be wise in choosing the source of traffic in order to maximize results. 

Increasing Blog Traffic / Website With Free Way 

As I mentioned earlier, we can get the traffic to the business website or blog for free. But it takes constant effort and the right way so that traffic is obtained in accordance with what we expect. Here are some ways to increase visitors visitor traffic blog / website for free: 

1. Walking Through Blog 

Blog walking is an activity visit the blog / website to others who are still in touch with our blog, then leave a comment on the blog / website. There are many blogs that provide fields for leaving the website URL for people who leave a comment on their site, this is what should be utilized as well as possible. 

Never leave a comment SPAM on other people's blogs because it will only give a bad image on you as a blogger or internet marketer. Make it a habit to read articles written first before leaving a comment so that you understand give appropriate comments to the topic of the article. 

With the commented well and leave our blog URL in the field provided, then you will get a backlink to your site. In addition, the possibility of the other diners in the blog will also visit your site when they see comments you provide. From the blog walking we can get quite a lot of traffic, but it takes extra effort to leave a comment on the blogs of others first. 

2. Through Social Bookmarking Sites 

Social bookmarking sites are initially created to help netter store their favorite website addresses, making it easier for them when they want to open the website in the future. In development, social bookmarking sites are often used for SEO optimization and also to get traffic. Well, I write here is direct traffic from Social Bookmarking, not their effect to SEO a website. 

We can save the URL of your blog / website or URL of the blog post article is ours to social bookmarking sites, with the hope that other users will be interested in our submit URL and visit our website with the social media bookmarking. In addition, social bookmarking sites are also often get traffic from search engines. So, I think the possibility of getting traffic from the social bookmarking site of considerable potential and should be put to good use. 

3. Through Social Media Site 

Many people say, now that era of social media and it's very true. The growth of social media users in Indonesia have already experienced a very significant increase. Plus smartphone growth in Indonesia has been very rapid. Most smartphone users must have an account on social media sites, at least one of the social media sites. Well, this certainly is the potential traffic that is big enough for the owner of the blog / website. 

Popular business social media certainly will not be difficult to get the attention of other social media users. That is why many businesses are experiencing an increase in profits after they optimize social media for their business. Some frequently used social media to get traffic is Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Actually there are several social media can be used, but based on my experience, 6 sites I mentioned it is the most popular social media. 

4. Through the Site Forum 

Site discussion forums are often used as a medium of internet marketers to get traffic to the blog / website of their business. There are many websites that allow links in forums in a thread or on the signature of their members. Surely this must be used as quickly as possible. 

One thing we should notice is keep a good name in the forum, read the forum rules before acting further. Do not make useless threads or threads that can make your reputation tarnished. Benefit from forum signature links as well as possible, use the link at the facility with reasonable forum thread. There are some forums do not allow links in the thread, do not violate the rule. 

Some forums that I recommend to get traffic and backlinks is,,,,, and others. Still there are many forums that we can use to get referral traffic, but I suggest to be some focus on the forum with the most potential for your business. 

5. Guest Posts on Other Blogs 

There are many blogs which provide opportunities for others to submit articles / content and posted a link on their blog. Surely the article / content we post on the blog should be in accordance with the criteria they specify. We can put our business website link in the author, author of several blogs allow them to put a link in the article. In addition to providing SEO effect, referral traffic from blogs is certainly quite a lot, especially when we write an article on a blog that is well known. 

Actually there are many other free ways to get visitors to the site. But five ways that I mentioned above has actually been very good if we can optimize it. I myself focus on the four-way because in addition to providing direct traffic, the four ways that I mentioned above has proven to provide good SEO impact on my blog. A good SEO course will enable our site will get free traffic from the search engines, for example Google. 

Increasing Blog Traffic / Website By Getting Paid 

For those of you who do not want to wait for the optimization process by means of free, paid the way you can do to get traffic to the blog / website of your business. Advertise on multiple media can provide excellent impact in improving the traffic, but that is not too extravagant, it helps us choose the media that it is really effective and in accordance with the target business sites. Here are some ways to increase visitor traffic blog / website by way of Pay: 

1. Posting Ads On Social Media Sites 

Facebook is the most effective social media to advertise because of the conversion of social media advertising in this one proved to be very good. Ads On Facebook we can choose the most appropriate target audience with the categories we need, this is what will affect the effectiveness of the ads that we post. 

Based on my experience, advertising in Facebook Ads is very easy to do. We can adjust how much budget we want to spend on a click on an ad, and we can also set the target audience according to our business. 

2. Install PPC Ads 

Google Adwords is PPC advertising media company organizing the most well-known today. The Google-owned company already has a network of advertisers (advertisers) and publisher with a number of very many around the world, including in Indonesia. Advantages of Google Adwords are the ads that appear on publisher sites they are advertising in accordance with the article. 

I personally have never put an ad on Google Adwords, but there are a lot of testimonials from advertisers who say they are satisfied with the service Google Adwords and provide positive impact to their business. Well, for those of you who want to get potential traffic towards your business website, it does not hurt to try Google Adwords. 

3. Posting Ads in Online Classifieds Site 

Another way to get traffic to your blog / business website is to use classifieds site. Actually there are many sites that provide classified ads for free classified ads space, but I would recommend a paid because it is usually the result is much better than the free ones. 


We do not need to do all the marketing strategies to get traffic to the site. We must understand our own site first, so we can know which one is more effective strategies to increase visitor traffic blog / website. Sometimes more effective free ways, but in many cases, paid way more quickly and effectively in providing potential traffic for your blog / website business. In addition, we must also consider matters relating to the quality of our website, such as the quality of content, navigation system, speed of loading, and others. Hope this article helps.

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