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Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2014

How to make interesting Title Post?

Creating a post is certainly with title, because the title of the blog post is the most important core sentence before readers will scrutinize the content of the whole text, not on the content of the post, but the post paragraphs are all located on a title. The title on a post can build, but can also destroy the entire post in your blog, because in determining a title would seem complicated if we do not concentrate on strategy and precise aim. Generally, the post title on a post is a summary contains the entire contents of an article, because not only can improve your blog, but can also adversely affect SEO optimization. 

Importantly, more than 90% of Google users search for something that he will need to see results on the first page, and rarely they will click the NEXT button to see a similar result on the next page. Thus, it can be ascertained for the title of the post you are always in the first position, the number of visitors to your blog will continue to exist or even be on the increase and is increasing. "google bots" do not crawl the content contains, but is more relevant to the title, if the title of the post you are included in that category then bot's google will continue the search for keywords on the content contains, continues on the image tag. If there is no error in the exploration, your blog will be optimized so that it will be able to create a blog to survive on the first page of Google. 

Keyword or keywords you are targeting, would seem irrelevant if your post title contains keywords that are qualified by Google users, while the content of the keywords in the content of the post just serves as a maid in SEO keyword optimization. Thus, Here's Some Important Tips In Determining The following Post Title we need to employ to seize the first position of google search 

The simple title 
Do not ever think the title of what is appropriate to describe the writing you today, but use the most common keywords, which if you think can attract visitors to your blog. Remember .. !! You will provide information to the reader, so give them a quality story, not a story that is not logical that may mislead the reader, make a simple but implies, as Google like simplicity. 

The purpose of Title 
You write for the reader comments, so do not think too selfish on your whim. Stories can make sleeping soundly, as well as writing, as the reader will understand the content of your writing with your eyes closed even if your writing is precise and accurate. 
Example - When you create a post on Apples Papaya with the title, then readers who are seeking information about Apple will stop in the wrong place and should not be, because you are cunning, you will lose readers / visitors loyal. 

The Descriptive Titles 
The title of your post will give an idea to the reader, providing knowledge / new science have all been covered in your post, so unique post title will be far more important than the title of the post is too long and wordy. Use standard characters 65-75 characters on the post title. 

Use Synonyms In Title Post 
This is important when determining the post title, you do a keyword search to check how much the number of words used by others. So in this case you need to apply the techniques synonym (synonym). As the word "Tip", the synonym you can target the same content but with different keywords. 

Short Title (Select Important Keywords) 
Remember, the title of the short is not a short title, Try to make the title as short as possible and be sure never to exceed 75 characters including spaces. In order to post title still seem relevant and the quality of the keyword in it awake, use 60 characters in each title of your post. 

Glancing Event The Moderate Trend 
It is more to the reader's attention on the title of your post, so try occasionally use words that are more trendy today, think about what information is most sought after by them, if you think about nice "HOT" try to lead there, but not until nice blog you do not match the topics you discuss 

The title word "Eye Catching" 
The majority of readers will be looking for the best articles and quality, such as the shop "STEVE" always visited by crowds of people who are willing to queue, it is definitely a result of the shop and the best quality. Thus readers just want to read the quality content and the best, so by using keywords such as HOT, best, perfect, good, easy, free will make people interested to see it. 

Post Title Impressed inquiry 
Take advantage of the vocabulary, in which case you can specify the title of the post is the most effective and accurate. For example, using the word - How, What, How, Here, in the title of the post that will make. 

After you apply some important tips above, this time I'm sure you've prepared a lot of useful information that you will share with your loyal visitors at other times, but do not forget to always conduct an analysis of the use of Number of Words Ideal For Making Article. 

Thank you. !! May be useful.