How to make laptop battery last longer? - Slap The Wizard

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2014

How to make laptop battery last longer?

My laptop battery has not been damaged, even it has been used for about two and a half years. Let's see, how to prevent damage to the battery. The battery is one of the most urgent needs of electronic equipment, especially laptops / notebooks. Without the battery, the laptop will not be turned on unless connected directly to the power supply (charging the laptop without the battery installed). Since the battery is a laptop power source, then we have to maintain this battery so durable and not damaged (leaking). If damaged (leak) then the laptop battery will easily exhausted. If you want to replace it, you have to spend a lot to buy the original battery. For those of you who have not damaged the battery, can use the tips below:

1. Do not Use Laptop While Charging 

The purpose here is not to use the laptop while charging. If used in a long period of time, it can make a battery leak. Why? Because the battery will continue to supply power to the laptop, while the battery is fully hard. 

2. Do not Charge gradually 

If the laptop is in charge over time (at a charge to the fullest) it will make the battery swelling and will automatically create a battery leak. At least not a full charge, the alias can be in charge of up to> 90% battery to avoid swelling. 

3. Do not Use Laptop Battery Until total empty 

If we use the laptop until the battery runs out in total, will make the laptop to be slow, and the laptop will be familiar to die faster than ever before. For example, to play the game until the battery runs out, especially if you play heavy games. Not only batteries that often drop, VGA capabilities will also drop.