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How to say in love to someone using a flashdrive?

Wanna tell to someone that you love her/him?
this tutorial will help you to tell your love by unique way, all you need a flashdrive, so let's start
* window OS only.

1. Open Notepad. 

2. Copy and paste the following code into notepad: 

If dim
If = InputBox ("Hey I like you from the first sight., Every night I dreamed you. Will you be my couple for whole of my life? Type Y for yes or N for not .. then click OK ")
If UCase (If) = "Y" Then
MsgBox "Thank you ... You make my world so colorfull : *"
ElseIf UCase (If) = "N" Then
MsgBox "Oohhh... its okay"
MsgBox "You have not enter your answer yet, the option only 'Y' for yes or 'N' for not really, type the answer well "
end If

3. Then select the Save As menu in notepad.

Name it whatever
Add formats .vbs after the file name
Example: iloveyou.vbs

4. Click Save.

5. Enter the file to the flash.

6. See the results.

7. Give the flashdrive with the file inside to someone you like.

If you want the form to appear immediately (autorun) when the flashdrive is inserted, create a new file as the following steps:

1. Open Notepad.

2. Copy and paste the following code:

open = tes.vbs

3. Then select the Save As menu in notepad

Name it whatever
add inf format after the name of the file
example: autorun.inf

4. Click Save.

5. Enter the file to flash the previous file.

6. Perform the experiment before practiced, to avoid errors.

7. Give the flashdrive that you have entered the file to someone you like.

enjoy ;)
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