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Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2014

how to set blogspot can not be copied?

Today I show you the blogger tutorial "how to set blogspot can not be copied". Why do we need to learn this? Because if you are a blogger or content writer is definitely sometimes feel upset if you are writing a blog or website devoted to the copied others.
Yes, I've been there and I intend to deliver a solution that in the article you can not copy and paste.

This time I will be dedicated to blogger or blogspot only.

Step 1: 
Login to your Blogger Dashboard.

Step 2:
Click on "Template"

click the "Edit HTML", so it will open the text editor blogger. Next step is to find the code <body> by pressing CTRL + F.

The last step is copy and paste the following code on it:

<script language = 'JavaScript1.2'> 

// Disable select-text script (IE4 +, NS6 +) - By Andy Scott 
// Exclusive permission granted to Dynamic Drive to feature script 
// Visit for this script 

disableselect function (e) {
return false 

reenable function () {
return true 

// if IE4 + 
document.onselectstart = new Function (& quot; return false & quot;) 

// if NS6 
if (window.sidebar) {
document.onmousedown = disableselect 
document.onclick = reenable 

</ script> 
<script language = 'JavaScript'> curPage = 1; 
document.oncontextmenu = function () {return false} 
if (document.layers) {
window.captureEvents (Event.MOUSEDOWN); 
window.onmousedown = function (e) {
if ( == document) return false; 

else {
document.onmousedown = function () {return false} 
} </ script> 

Then click the "Save Template", and it's done.
Try to see the results by visiting your blog and try to copy it by pressing CTRL + C. If this tutorial doesn't work, come back here and ask me through the comment section. 
Hopefully this tutorial can be useful for you., thank you for reading this blogger tutorial.
--Dont forget to back up first your current template.