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Jumat, 03 Oktober 2014

how to shop safely online?

Cyber Crime for the credit card user for online transactions is now starting to bloom. Not only from cyber criminals in the country, but the evil use of credit cards has also been expanded to overseas. 
Along with sophisticated technology, as consumers would be convenient to use a credit card when shopping online. However, what to do to stay safe in transactions with credit cards in cyberspace? Here are some tips that you can use while shopping online. 

1. security password and username. 

The use of passwords and usernames in a transaction is sometimes necessary. In fact, to facilitate customer purchases some services, such as airline, has a facility to remember the credit card number and the secret number of the card. However, in addition to advantageous, also a risk because it can be hacked by other internet users. 

Selection password to something important in all transactions. To be safe, do not forget to change the password at least once a month. And try the password does not reflect visible to yourself, such as date of birth, telephone number, mobile phone number or a multiple-digit numbers together. Try to use a combination of numbers and letters. 

2 credit cards that use chips.

One element of the credit card to be detected in a shopping center is a payment machine with a magnet. However, over the times, this time the credit card is also equipped with an alternative use of the chip so it is quite difficult to be hacked. 

One mode piracy credit card in a shopping center is to record the code in the magnet and use it many times. As a consumer, it never hurts to ask the bank if the credit card using a magnet or chip. 

3. Avoid using a public Wifi . 

Conduct transactions with credit card by using the wireless network or Wi-Fi internet is a dangerous thing. Recording mode as well as the credit card number secret number can be used via wifi. Wifi does not guarantee that the operator does not install the evil tool to record passwords, usernames and even credit card numbers. Should think a thousand times if you want to make transactions using credit cards for online shopping via the free wifi in public areas. 

In addition to wifi, places that should be avoided is the cafe. It would be more secure if you use a laptop or personal property or office computer to perform transactions that require a credit card. 

4. Do not be easily persuaded. 

Many advertisements on the internet that promise extraordinary income with just one click away. However, to melt it, it takes some data, including credit card numbers. 

Unfortunately, that is only one mode of the hackers to get your data. It never hurts to ignore the ads for your safety. 

5. Look carefully before shopping. 

There are some sites which is one of access to record your data via IP address. Keep you remain cautious in opening the website.

6. Install a good Anti Virus Security.
Good anti-virus can detect phishing scams, many people are not aware of this type of attack is widely spread on the internet, so that their credit card was hijacked and used illegally by hackers, the more you get to know the more carefully you shop online safe also.