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Jumat, 03 Oktober 2014

How to speed up slow internet explorer?

Internet Explorer has been around long before other browsers released to the public. Yes, this is one of the oldest web browser ever. Maybe any of you who have been so perfectly with this browser so feel reluctant to switch to another browser even though there are a lot of cool and interesting features offered. IE you can still upgrade to the latest version to improve performance. Browser is slow is a common problem. You have probably experienced it. There are many factors that make the browser work decreased. It may happen because too many cookies stored or too many add ons are installed. This time we will share some tips to cope with slow Internet Explorer. 

-Clean History and cache.
First, try to clean history and cache. When you visit a site, then the cache of the site will be automatically stored in the browser unless you disable this function. For those who never or rarely clean history and cache, then the performance will be noticeably slow from time to time. To solve this problem real easy. You only need to click on the "tools", then go to "internet options". Under "browsing history", please press the delete button. Will pop up a window containing several menus to choose from. Please check all the menus and press the delete button. This will delete all history and cache in your browser. Now try again to open your browser and try to surf, there should be a significant change in performance after doing this. 

-Remove all unnecessary add ons.
The next tip, remove all the add ons that are not useful. Internet users have a tendency to install addons to just try. Once installed and was not liked, they often forget to unplug. Please check back row of addons installed in the browser. Keep only what you need, please rest removed. To do this, please press the Tools button, and then choose "Internet options"> programs. In that tab you will see a menu that reads "Manage add-ons". Please click on the menu and disable all the addons that are not needed. 

-Activate pop-up blocker. 
Next, you can try to activate a pop-up blocker. Often when visiting a website, a new window pops up without notice. It not only interfere with, but can also slow down the browser as popup generally ask an internet connection. In anticipation of this problem, please enable pop-up blockers. For activation, please search the Tools menu, then select "Internet Options" as usual. On the Privacy tab, you will see a menu that says "Turn on Pop-up Blocker". Please check this section to enable the feature. Enabling pop up blocker can also make your computer more secure because the people in charge do not often use this medium to inject the virus. A few tips to speed up Internet Explorer is slow.

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