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Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2014

How to use facebook to increase online busyness

One of the biggest media in the world of social networking is Facebook. Social network created by Mark Zuckernberg with four friends has now been used almost one billion people in the world. The popularity of social network Facebook has become a tremendous appeal for business and company to use in building and raising a business empire. If you plan to use your facebook account as part of your business strategy, please refer to the following description: 

1. The Differences between Facebook profile, Facebook page, and a Facebook group 
Facebook profile is the facebook account that is used for personal social life. Meanwhile, if you want to create a facebook account on behalf of your company, then you should make your Facebook fanpage, no Facebook profile. Creating an account for the company in the category of your Facebook profile is a violation of the rules up, so it could have been a moment the account is deleted by Facebook. So choose your Facebook fanpage because many facilities on offer to promote your business. While the Facebook group is also used for business purposes. Facebook Account group has several advantages, such as messages that you upload directly into the inbox member. 

2. Reasons to Use Facebook page 
There are many social media options that have cool features, both in matters of personal and for the business that you can apply easily. However, for a large part of people prefer to use the facebook page in the business account. There are five reasons which it is based, namely: the number of Facebook members most among others; facebook seem to provide a more humanize your company image; through facebook fanpage, you can better know the desires of audiences; the facebook fanpage, you can promote your business to your community more easily; and facebook is also very good in SEO. 

3. Create a Facebook fanpage 
Creating a facebook account is simple and free. Visit our website:, then do the registration by filling out the required data such as email addresses, name ourselves, date of birth, home address, status, and so on. After the registration process, you already have a personal Facebook account. Once you have a personal account, you can create a facebook fanpage with ease, follow as directed. Make it easy to remember the name of the fanpage and do not often change as it seemed unprofessional. Post some pictures and if you have a blog, import to your page. 

4. Optimize your Facebook fanpage 
Facebook account so that you have a truly effective for your business, then do a variety of optimization. In addition to posting photos and useful information, personalize your facebook page is also very important to make it more attractive, for example by customizing the welcome tab on fanpage. Besides, it helps you also take advantage of a variety of useful facebook applications for business, such as Storefront Social, RSS Graffiti, LaterBro, Facebook Promotions, My Office, Meeting Room, 30 Box Calendar, My LinkedIn Profile, Calliflower, Poll, and other applications. 

5. Increase the number of your community 
In order for a product or your business known by many people who, in turn, increase marketing opportunities, then you must increase the number of fans on your Facebook business page. There are many ways you can do, for example, by uploading photos and videos interesting, post relevant and useful information, contests with prizes, a fan in another fanpage, giving rewards to some members of your community, promoting fanpage on your blog, do advertising The advertising network Facebook (Facebook Marketplace Ads), and various other efforts.