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Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

Is it Safe when Using Public Wi-Fi?

The continued development of the technology world we sometimes make it difficult to be separated from the internet. Seeing this opportunity, the internet provider and other service providers are there to race the race began providing Wi - Fi in public areas, Think of it as Wi - Fi corner, Wi - Fi cafe or a place you used to spend free time. Have you ever felt you will find your connection is very slow, was a friend who was next to you are able to access the site without buffer video service provider? It is not uncommon to find in the Wi - Fi Existing public. 

There are a variety of tools on the internet you can find a tool to commit fraud in the Wi - Fi public, either just cut the network or access other people's computers in a network. It actually can be prevented by simple measures, some of them: 

1. Turn off Automatically Connection 
The settings on your mobile device or laptop you have to set it again, if it turns out you enable this feature. Several problems arise sometimes without you knowing of automation connected, example, get the password of an account belonging to you or any other activity that you do not want. In addition, Keep your guard when the guard found the Wi - Fi unprotected open (free). Ease your access to the internet is comparable to ease other people keep track of all your activities on the network. As one of the solutions you can disable the auto connect feature on your particular device. Or you can forget the network, if you've never been connected before with Wi - Fi is. 

2. Turn Off Sharing 
Sharing feature is a feature that allows you to perform file sharing, in the form of documents, music or images on a network line. When you're using a Wi - Fi You'll want to temporarily disable this feature, because it will make other people be able to access the files you have shared. Each operating system has different ways to make sharing on the files they have. 

3. Properties 
For example, on Ubuntu and Windows. To check the folder you share or do not on ubuntu right click on the folder, select "Local network share ..". If the option "Share this folder" is checked, then the folder accessible to others on the network. Uncheck it to disable it. Meanwhile, if you are using Windows, right-click select Properties> Security Tab. Click the edit button to make changes. Pretty easy is not it? 

4. Perform Important Things in Trusted Network 
You use internet banking? Is online shopping too often? If so, good idea to do these activities at home or in the office eg a trusted network. It is also based on security reasons, in case there are others who also are monitoring you without you knowing it. 

5. Use SSL-Certificate 
In addition, it helps you make purchases on the site using SSL encryption technology. SSL is a protocol that was developed with the primary purpose to secure the data that is sent over the HTTP application layer, LDAP or POP3. Usually characterized by the presence of HTTPS. In addition, you can use the private browsing feature. Where others will not be able to perform tracking of all the sites you have visited.

6. Install Security Software 
It could also be your choice when you do not feel safe while surfing the internet. Now you can easily get the kinds of kinds of anti virus There, both on mobile devices and personal computers. In the basic functions that you use an antivirus is a precaution of all the things that hurt you. Not infrequently, a virus created as your application needs. And you realize Slowly but surely, the virus that bothers you, well just hidden, until the elimination of duplicate files. You need to consider is actually prevention, not to cope. Since the days of computer viruses is growing faster than its own Anti-virus. 

7. Use VPN 
Besides can be used as a bypass proxy, VPN could also make your internet surfing is not recognized. This is because the original Proxy you will be covered by the proxy of VPN you are using. Let's say you are from canada, but use a Korean proxy on the VPN you are using. Automatically, the machine will not recognize you from korea from canada. Proxy settings you can do easily, either directly using a VPN or by using third-party applications .

Utilization of public space as a place you surf is good, but when it becomes a threat why not prevent it? What if your data is already in the access of others? Of course it would be hard to find a solution given the data transfer process so quickly from one person to another. You find more effective measures, Share it with us via the comments field.