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Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2014

Is your blog visitors preferred? Or hated by visitors?

Is your blog visitors preferred? Or hated by visitors? Actually you can answer the above questions, because you are as the admin and manager of your blog, so of course you know the advantages and disadvantages of your blog. 

A good blog or bad blog you have is different opinions according of visitors who visit your blog. So besides you have to make your blog SEO friendly should also make your blog become a Friendly Visitor. 

In this article, I will discuss about what things are not liked by the reader, hopefully can add insight about blogging. 

1. Loading time 
This is a point that you should consider, where if there is a link of links pointing to your blog but your blog has a very long loading. Then the visitor will close the tab windows that lead to the blog, this is because the visitor was bored and could not wait for the page opens. 
Indeed, the speed of loading pages in the blog every visitor is different, depending on the geographic location of an Internet connection and others. Loading pages is too long for your blog perhaps has a size that is too heavy because the image size is too big or template types have a lot of bad links. So you have to maximize this is to minimize the size of the light-light weight of your blog. 

2. Blog With Floating Widget 
There are so many blogs that install widgets are cool drifting on his blog without realizing that these widgets can disrupt the comfort of visitors who are reading. This of course should be avoided because it could have a direct visitors leave your blog. It could be a floating widget fan page floated and drifted share button. 

3. Blog With Too Many Ads 
Not that you should not put an ad on your blog, put an ad on a blog it is commonplace for a blogger to find dollars. But you should pay attention to the laying of the ads posted, and do not advertise too much because it can affect blog loading and could disturb the concentration of visitors. 

4. Bad Appereance
The first thing a visitor sees when coming to your blog is a blog of your own. Just imagine if your blog look messy with improper mounting widgets, ads everywhere, and many more. The visitors certainly will stamp your blog ugly, not treated and not qualified. 

5. Plagiarisme article
Surely visitors will feel cheated if you know that the article that you create is owned by other people's article I've ever read before. A Blog with cheated articles is also not favored by the Google search engine because it is not included in the criteria that favored google blog. 

6. Less Attractive 
Never make article content with random, because the article that you create will not be quality and useful for visitors. Create content that can help problem readers and in accordance with the topic of your blog. 

7. Rarely Update
If you rarely write articles may be only a few articles that can be read and assist visitors problems. The more often you publish quality articles, then you are increasingly providing wide opportunities for visitors to find the solution of their problems. 

8. Blog with Fraud/Scam Element
If you use some of the links that are not relevant, it may disappoint visitors, as well as a link that has been broken and error. One element of fraud is if the title of the article repel the contents of the article. Make sure you check out and check everything. 

9. Not Friendly administrator
Your treatment to the visitors also affected in this regard, especially in the comments. If you ignore the comments of the visitors, especially the comments that are questions and want clarity, visitors may be less satisfied with the service you and lead them away from your blog. 

The above are the things that are not like the reader, so as the admin you need to pay attention to the points above and begin to repair if there is less ... If anyone wants to add please comment in the comments field below. . . 

Hopefully Helpful.