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Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

Page Rank, Is it Important?

I got a lot of questions about page rank. Most questions revolve about how to increase page rank. there are still many bloggers who hold the belief that the higher the page rank, the quality is also a blog. For some bloggers, page rank is everything. Page rank is a matter of life and death. Page rank is self-esteem. 

But is it so? 
To avoid misunderstandings greater, in this short article I want to explore a little round about page rank. 

1. What is page rank? 
Still there who do not know what page rank? Well, if you do not know, please read the technical sense page rank on this page. By going, page rank itself is a ranking system blog page or site created by Google to indicate the level of confidence of a blog or website in the internet world. Stretched the page rank value of 1 to 10. The higher the page rank, the higher the quality of the pages in Google's eyes. If you want to check the page rank value of your blog, please check here. 

2. How do I calculate page rank? 
Honestly, I do not know. Perhaps only Google and God knows. Because the system is an algorithm for calculating page rank is just Google (and God) knows. Almost any time the algorithm may change. It's just that, in general, the page rank is calculated based on the value of quality backlinks (incoming to your blog). 

3. When the page rank get updated? 
There is no definite timetable. But the latest news that can be trusted enough to say that Google is now more often to update the page rank. Previously, Google does an update every 3 months. Then 2 months. Then 1 month. Now, the update page rank may be done once a week. 

4. Does my page rank can go lower? 
Why not? Page rank can go up, it could also go down. Greatest decline in page rank allegedly caused by poor quality of backlinks. Backlink from farm links or backlinks deposit paid review program is an example of bad backlinks which often caused a decline in page rank. 

5. How to improve page rank? 
The key is to show Google that your blog is qualified, trustworthy and worthy of in-links naturally (and one-way backlinks) by other blogs. The trick? You can improve the quality of your blog content. Or, you could do a link-building strategy by creating dummy blogs as much as possible. 

6. Important page rank? 
Not at all important if you are blogging just a fad and is not intended to make money. Page rank is not important if you make money from blogs with pay per click strategies. For this strategy, the most important is the number of visitors to your blog. Page rank 1 is not a problem. Why should proud with high page rank if your blog is in the 1000-page list of the SERP and traffic nil? Page rank is a new important if you make money with your blog through a strategy of buying and selling domains, the program paid review and buying and selling links. The higher the page rank of your blog, the higher price you can offer. 

It all depends and return to your needs. But, to my knowledge, whatever happens, do not be too concerned with changing the page rank of your blog. For me personally, page rank goes up or down it's normal. Page rank is only one thing in the world of blogging. There are many other things that you are worth pursuing with your blog. If you create a blog just for chasing Page Rank, will be very tiring. Do not just want to be able to a lot of paid jobs, anything done to pursue the page rank. :) 

As long as you enjoy blogging activity you are doing and really want to share the benefits for your blog readers, I'm sure a high page rank will come by itself. If your readers feel they have benefited after reading your blog, voluntarily and willingly, they will give you a backlink that will increase the page rank of your blog. 

What do you think? is page rank important for you? 

I will so happy if you want to share your opinion with me here.