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Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

SEO myth

Search engine optimization (SEO) is increasingly taken into account the presence in the internet world. Not only for those who do SEO for the needs of their online stores, but also many websites with information content SEO techniques to attract visitors. But unfortunately many myths about SEO is not good, but there is still much to do. Of course, when this is done will be bad for your own website. In this article the author tries to share about some of the myths about the good SEO techniques, Here are four of them: 

1. SEO is Searching for Backlink As many myth is actually not wrong, but it can be said quite right. If you are guided by this myth, then maybe you'll get a backlink spamming to mass with certain tools. In fact, getting a bit of backlinks from quality websites is definitely better than getting a lot of backlinks from websites with low quality and irrelevant. 
Plus, Google continues to do a penalty to search website backlinks by sowing spam comments. Of course you do not want to actually make the process of finding backlinks your website no longer indexed by Google right? 

2. SEO only Guide for Finding Visitor The beginner in the world of SEO is usually only know that the SEO process is not to be intended to get more visitors to a website or online stores. It's certainly not wrong, but SEO experts who had already long been in the SEO world clearly knows that its primary purpose is not as simple as that. 
According to the author, the main goal of SEO is actually doing is branding. For instance, when a user searches for 'computer tutorials' on Google then came website. It is expected that when a user requires a computer tutorial again, he was no longer looking at Google, but directly typing 
Google is just the first door that user logs in to your website. If the user still needs to enter your website google for a second or third time, it can be said of your website's existence depends on the existence of Google. 

3. Search for Backlink Continuously Unending This myth is one of the many myths circulating among the actors in the virtual world of SEO. They are not. Backlink search must be done in a normal, or at least appear normal. And in the definition of natural, meaning there should be up and down the number of backlinks that a website obtained within a certain time. 
For large-scale websites for example, the number of backlinks which can be obtained between 100 - 3000 per day. While for small scale websites, 0-20 backlinks per day is enough seemed normal. Backlink search endlessly let alone exactly 50 backlinks per day for example, will make Google suspicious. 

4. Using SEO Services to Rank # 1 Google Surely Many online store owners or large scale websites and then submit its SEO process SEO services to third parties, assuming the obvious SEO services can certainly raise the position of the website to the first page of Google. But it is not. 
Citing quotes one of the owners SEO services.

"There is no one who can ascertain whether or not and when a website entry page one of Google." 
So obviously even the SEO services also can not be sure the website you can enter page # 1 of Google. 

However, strangely almost all SEO services can raise your website claiming to page # 1 of Google with a warranty. Suggestions Author, communicate beforehand with the SEO services what is the meaning of the terms of the warranty and how to complete using SEO services there. Do not miss a case will no communication between the SEO services and its customers.