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Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2014

The Best Way to Optimize your SEO Blog

Vying for the FIRST position in the GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE is the absolute goal whenever possible we make a quality blog posts for the visitors, but all of that has nothing to do if we talk SEO, why? Quality articles in your opinion, but not necessarily well qualified for visitors?
As a small example let's say a blog that presents only the nude pictures, if it's quality.? some people may be so, but what about for those who do not like the content as it is, they will say it is NOT QUALIFIED, but as we all know blogs with content as it is always a great quick and remarkable traffic. 
I dont recommend you to create a blog with NICHE like that, with a much different niche even though contrary to the above, your blog can also be successful and captured the first position on the search engines. SEO can not be separated from the source of traffic and traffic from visitors so, to the first position on the GOOGLE blog needs traffic, which means that visitors need a blog. 
Best Ways to Optimize SEO In Blogs mean the first thing is traffic, but don't think about the traffic, but try your blog very crowded, and besides getting useful information from your blog posts, present some interesting widget so that they can play them like a guest at your blog , as the previous article I Make Icon button background Color can be replaced by a visitor, (if the visitor does not like the dark background of your blog, they just choose the colors you have available) Interesting isn't it..!! 

For this article I will give you 7 Tips On The Best Way SEO Optimizing Blogs, as follows: 

1. Increase the Font Size On Keyword Phrases 
As Thicken the text color, or italic text META TAG is a good action, but the meta tag like this has been ignored by google index. So if the tekx you think is important, change the font size bigger, because search engines prefer and understand that the font is larger than the standard font size on the page shows that the text is more important (H1, H2 and H3). Use CSS or the font tag to change the HTML and Apply changes the font size for the title tag as well. 

2. Ask Others To view the first link you 
Example:, please visit back my blog! This phrase is often contained in a commentary, a great way to get inbound links, especially on sites with Alexa Rank is small, (Blog by Alexa Rank below 500 thosands has reached 400-700 pageviews / day), but remember that the cross-linking overload can be seen as spam, so be careful about trading relationship or buying links on external sites. 

3. Dont Write Wrong Code In HTML 
If you really would not understand HTML markup language, as most search engines do not intentionally discriminate against poor page HTML code, especially if the SPIDER can not read your HTML pages as bad, then your pages will not be indexed. Make sure that you validate your HTML, and always up-date your HTML code, so that any problems do not affect pages viewed by the user-agent or simple screen reader. 

4. Dont Use Robots.txt To Avoid Index 
In general, use a robots.txt file to keep certain areas of your site or off-limits for SPIDER INDEX could be a good idea. But if you do not allow a significant portion of your site (more than half), search engine spiders can mark your site as "Forbidden World", because if your site is poorly explored because of the limit, it could be fewer pages will be added to the directory and updated in ranking TDU (Traffic Down Up) 

5. Placing Top Keyword Phrases section HTML 
More than just the first paragraph in the post, you should try to move your content to the top of the HTML document, and that includes your keyword phrase. But if you do not understand the proper placement of keywords in the HTML, Put an KEYWORDS in the first paragraph of the post page.

6. Careful Using JavaScript 
As long as the script you are using is valid and does not damage HTML, please you use, but most search engines will ignore the script code. So do not rely on JavaScript to improve your Blog Traffic page - because the search engines ignore content in JavaScript. 

7. Manage Your blog For Up-to-date 
Perhaps It is that you often take for granted, a blog that already has hundreds of articles, it is definitely long forgotten article, page updated regularly given priority over older pages and ignored. But you must do more than just fix typos or make small changes language for example, extensive updates more effective than a minor update. 
90 days continues to be done by the time the search engines to index the page, and to 91 is a new index, so the old posts will be ignored, now make changes so that the article can contribute traffic to your blog. ( But do not forget to call back google robots to index the article as amended ) 

Hopefully these tips can help Optimizing SEO In Blogs to all. Thank you.

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