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Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

Things you have to do Before Closing Social Media Accounts

Have you ever felt that your time is more and more exhausted in front of a computer or mobile device? Are social media to be one of the cause? Increasing number of existing social media options we have to make good at choosing which needs or desires that are sometimes just a waste of time. Some media is created by developers with specific markets, such as social media just for gamers, for readers or others who may not be mentioned. 

Maybe when you have not joined will be very easy to stay away, but what if you have already joined, and we do not need it? Deleting the account is a wise choice. However, did you know that your data is still there on the server? Especially if you are using third party software? This would greatly jeopardize your privacy in the digital world. In this article the author tries to share things that maybe you can do to protect your privacy when deleting the account at one of the services. 

1. Check associated link 
This is of course very much related to the more easily you register a service using another service. For example, you sign up for the game of social media, using Twitter or Facebook account belongs to you. So automatically, you will be able to sign in to the service without having to type the data yourself over and over - and over. When this relationship is no longer you are concerned about, who you know will actually remove the other. 
Let's say you delete a facebook account which turns out to use as registration is also on the website or other services, not the account can not be used too? 

2. Network - People 
In addition, the function of this check will also minimize crime on your own account. This sometimes happens without you knowing it, such as when using one of your applications without first reading its terms and conditions, so it will show a lot of status or tweet that is not good for you. This would be especially disturbing is not it? 

3. Get your data back 
One goal of using services is to utilize the services we need. You have to realize that all the data in the form of documents, music, videos or images on the service sometimes will go away, if you do not do a backup first. Maybe one day you ever think you do not need the data? but are you sure that it is safe with all the complete bio of yourself? It could have been someone else will take advantage of all the information for activities that do not want to do. 

Some commonly used social media now has a feature that allows you to back all the data on your account. Let's say Facebook. to perform backups on Facebook you can access the Settings> General. At the bottom of the column you will find "Download a copy", then in step by step you will be guided by Facebook. 

4. Subscribe? 
Actually, not all services provide e-mail notification is sent weekly or monthly basis. However, if you use one of the services to its customers as well, better to unsubscribe. This is of course in addition to reducing the e-mail in your inbox it also makes you more comfortable without notice continuously from the service provider. 

If you are concerned with your account that you can just delete the fake account before making the change the name, email, address and all you need to worry about. The main purpose of all this is to prevent abuse of the accounts for other purposes that are not desirable. Think back to before you delete an account in one of the digital service, If it is steady only then you do. share with us via the comments field when you find other things to do before deleting the account.