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Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

Tips to raise RSS subscribers

RSS subscribers is one of the parameters of a blog's success. The more RSS subscribers a blog, the more successful blog. 


First, it is not easy to convince people to subscribe. Secondly, it is not easy anyway to persuade visitors to stay subscribed. So, the only blog that has many customers with good quality. 

Departing from the above understanding, RSS subscribers is one of my targets actively blogging since mid 2 years ago. A relatively new starters, but I want more than that amount. Therefore, I do some tricks to achieve it. 

Although the number is relatively small, but significant enough for me and grateful. Therefore, in this article I want to share five tricks I do, that it may be beneficial to you. 

1. Write Unique and Useful Article 
Often I ask myself, why do I subscribe to the RSS stevefiles, ProBlogger, and others? The answer is that they are unique and useful article for me. In my understanding, unique articles are in-depth discussion of the article based on the review, the original (not duplicate the results of other people's articles), and down to earth (not a mere theory). These three factors are clearly beneficial for me the beginner. 

Based on the above, I attempted to make the article unique and useful for visitors. To create a unique article, I often have to do some research online, reading a variety of references, and the experience itself. 

For example, a few months ago I did a simple research online about the best I blogging blogs ranking based PR, Alexa, Technorati Rank, and RSS subscribers. Of the dozens of blogs that I study, there appeared five best blogs in which this blog is one of them. 

How to create articles that are beneficial to the end? The trick I do is to do a poll and make articles of visitor inquiries. From these two simple things, really helped me make the article you want to know my blog readers. 

2. Place Subscription Form in Place Easier Viewed 
I use a form feed and subscribe via email. In order for visitors to see it, I put the second one at the very top of the sidebar and on the bottom of the article. In addition, I also subscribe to modify the HTML code so that a slightly different form to the subscription form in general. 

3. Provide Free E-book 
Provide free e-books for the subscription. Since I have not been able to make its own e-book, this incentive in the form of an e-book other people who are allowed to be disseminated so that I do not violate copyright. 

4. Become a Guest Blogger 
Being a guest blogger is one of my ways to promote yourself and introduce yourself to the audience of bloggers. For me, being a guest blogger is much more effective than blogwalking. In fact, since becoming a guest blogger at this blog through article 6 characteristics of a domain name and a celebration of the achievement of blogs, RSS subscribers I slowly but surely growing. 

A few of my blog visitors stated that they lack the confidence to be a guest blogger. If you are in a condition like this, you'll want to read the 10 Tips Strategies Being a Guest Blogger. These tips are my experience be a guest blogger on this blog. 

5. Remind to Share
Not all visitors to the blog to understand what is RSS and how subscription. To overcome this, I created a special page on the definition of RSS and how subscription. The goal is to educate visitors who do not know. 

Another interesting fact is nearly 75% of visitors who subscribe to my blog via email subscription link does not activate so they do not get the latest articles and incentives offered. Therefore, I made an article about the importance activate the link to subscribe via email. Since then, RSS subscribers also increased. 

That's the tricks that I do to increase RSS subscribers. 
What about you? It's great if you want to share the experience via the comment section on this blog.