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Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

Trusted Backlink for SEO?

One way to raise the position of web / blog in the search engines is to get lots of backlinks. But wait, not all backlinks it profitable. Backlink of website spammers, or web / blog that bad in the eyes of Google is certainly not a lot of benefit. This should avoid in order to web / blog you are not affected by the ugly image. 

A backlink is a link or a text that was on the site of others or our own site. This backlink greatly affect our position in the search engines and also affect page rank. Here I list the usefulness of backlinks 

-PageRank Improve. 
-Sites become more popular in search engines. 
-Increased visitor traffic. 

Build a network of friendships between bloggers, so the more links are created and will certainly make your blog gets a lot of recommendations from other blogs. 
In the above quotation is very clear benefits and functions of backlinks to boost our position in the search engines, as well as increase the chances of us getting a lot of visitors. 

Trusted Backlink 

SEO What I mean by this is a reliable backlink coming from .edu domain, .GOV. as its name domains that I mentioned it is a domain that comes from education and government. Sure is hard to get backlinks from these domains. 

Education and government domains usually get more trust from Google, as they are considered an institution not to renew any of their content. Especially for the education domain which usually tends to produce anything scientific, and therefore the domain gets more confidence on other domains. If you manage to get a backlink from that domain, then it will be more value for you to boost your position in search engines. 

All Domain GOV, EDU, GOV are Good? 

To get .edu and .gov backlinks are usually difficult because if the government or educational site links provide a backlink to your site, then you have to be a great online media and reliable, because the search engines consider it a reliable backlink to prop up the web / blog. 

There is a bit of an EDU domain that is created as a dummy web / blog just to cater to people who want to get backlinks from these domains. because some providers buying and selling domain I see there that gives us the possibility to purchase an EDU domain. Of course this is not good, considering that Google still has a lot of criteria to give credence to a website / blog. Be thoughtful about wearing backlink service, as one-one you get stuck and get a penalty from Google. 

Buying backlinks are considered part of the bad practice by search engines because it is an attempt to manipulate and trick the search engine algorithms. So be careful and do not get caught up in buying backlinks. 

Is there BackLink Other Trusted? 

Site owned research institute or other scientific institutions are usually more trusted by search engines. Domain research institutions usually use .org, despite not wearing a bit of research institutions .COM domains. To get a backlink from the web / blog of this type is much more difficult than getting a backlink from an educational site.