What is AFFILIATE MARKETING? - Slap The Wizard

Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2014


Affiliate marketing is one way to earn income from the internet. In the offline business world of course we've heard the term agents, brokers, and resellers. The system works that is, they are able to sell goods or services of the owner of the product / service will get a commission. Well, in the world of online business, affiliate marketing also apply this system. 

Affiliate Marketing including a large business. It is estimated that this business is worth about 14 million dollars annually. In affiliate marketing, we get paid if we successfully sell products / services a merchant or an affiliate merchant. 

Merchant or the affiliate merchant is a person or company that has a product or service that they are marketed through the internet. While people who do not have a product / service to sell, it could help the affiliate merchant to sell the products. For every product sold, they will earn a commission. 

Well, the people who make money in this way is called "affiliate marketers" or affiliate. Sometimes they are also called "associates" or "program partners". 

If we enroll in the "affiliate program" owned affiliate merchants, means we enroll as a member of the ranks of their online sales. Affiliate merchant only pays a commission to the affiliate marketers only if they manage to sell the products / services offered. 

How does this affiliate marketing? In the world of online business, all affiliate marketers make sales through a "special link" or known as "affiliate link". Affiliate link is provided by the affiliate merchant (owner of the goods / services). 

For example, we find a good product that is offered on the internet. The product owner opened the affiliate program and offer a 40% commission for each product sold. 

Then we can directly enroll into affiliate market by filling out a form is already provided through the existing site. Usually the merchant will ask you to fill in your name, complete address, name of recipient "check" (to the commission), email, phone number, and so on. 

Next we will be asked to read "affiliate agreement" (affiliate agreement). Affiliate agreement is a legal document that binds us to the affiliate merchant. Content is usually expressed our agreement to the terms & conditions applied by the affiliate merchant, as not to be sending spam (unsolicited commercial email by the owner of the email). 

Affiliate agreement is important because if we break the terms and conditions that have been written there, the affiliate merchant can delay payment or even eject us from their affiliate program. 

Well, after we declare willing to abide by the affiliate agreement, the affiliate merchant will give you an "affiliate links" to us. Our next task is to promote the affiliate link to the sale or purchase transaction. Yummy, we do not have to bother about inventory, shipping, payment administration, and so on. Leave it all on the merchant, the merchant let me take care of. Our job is only to promote, STOP. 

Examples of merchants that provide these affiliate programs such as Amazon.com that sells books. Asian Brain providing affiliate programs for products internet marketing school. For existing product fashion fashion bug, fashion fabrics club, etc. 

In essence, all the products / services sold in the offline world can also be sold in the world of online / internet. Whether it t-shirt, books, comics, CD's, consulting services, design services, etc.