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Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2014

what is AGC?

The bloggers who always exist in the world of blogging would already know what it is AGC. Besides, it is also of course the many bloggers who have been using this trick. Before we discuss about AGC blog, it would be nice if there is a little blurb about the notion of AGC itself. AGC stands for "Auto Generated Content" that can be interpreted more or less the same as the name implies is a blog and generating content automatically. The content can be from search engines and others.

AGC blog 
AGC is required to make at least basic capabilities and PHP or HTML coding. The characteristics of first AGC blog can be marked with the permalink (URL). 

AGC characteristic: 
The characteristics of AGC blog 
Some content containing the search results as well as google and bing search engine. 
There is a link to the original source content, and some are linking it to their search page, so that when a visitor stopped by, he will be brought round and round in the blog 
On page search google or bing, blogs AGC is usually characterized by a clumsy sentence structure (less meet the rules of the language) 
And the strange phenomenon is, almost all search engines put the blog on the home page AGC search results. 
Previous friend can see "info words, post, docs' and so on which can be made ​​according to the owner's desire blog. But as the development time Blog permalink URL AGC now more deceptive, to be impressed into the post URL, eg http://blog-agc.com/word-word-word.html and so on. 

Controversy / Blog disagreement about AGC can still be seen as to whether this includes the type of Black Hat SEO or prone either banned from the search engines as well as from adsense banned.
The real blogger will hate AGC.