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Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

What is Alienware?

Alienware, a leading specialty high-performance gaming PC systems, today introduced the newest and latest home gaming laptop, Alienware 14 and 17. Featuring a bold new design and outstanding performance, specifically designed to provide the best gaming experience. Latest laptops consists of 14 suitable for Alienware gaming enthusiasts who want a laptop that can do a variety of jobs but also the right to carry and fit in a backpack; Alienware and 17 for those who want to enjoy the full gaming experience outstanding graphics performance with the latest technology equivalent of a desktop computer. 

Both laptops featuring a unique design, inspired by jets and stealth bombers have anodised aluminum frame and body are made of magnesium alloy. This latest laptop is very strong with more than 60 percent of the main mechanical components are made of various types of iron. The keyboard is protected by a reinforced plate to ensure a steady typing experience, while the distance and the sensitivity of the response was specially designed taking into account the needs of gamers. Based on input from consumers, this latest Alienware 14 now has an LCD screen. 
anti-glare with wide viewing angle to bring the experience of playing games that are free reflections in almost all lighting conditions; there is also a Full HD panel option premium IPS technology. For fans of 3D games, Alienware 17 have the option of 3D panels for maximum visual experience. In addition to the new design, the laptop is also equipped with a number of components, which when combined will bring PC gaming experience exceptional. Both laptops are equipped with Quad-Core Intel Core i7 4th generation that provide tremendous power and graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 700 series DDR3L Memory deliver the uncanny ability with a more efficient power consumption for extended battery life. 
Alienware 14 can now be equipped with up to three hard disks while the Alienware 17 can be equipped with up to four hard disks. Both laptops are also equipped with Ethernet technology from KillerTM series made ​​by Qualcomm, Klipsch speakers and Dolby Home Theater v4. Alienware Command Center software which has been updated to provide access intuitive and easy to use (user-friendly) for Alienware's exclusive applications and controls in one central hub. Included in the Control Center (Command Center) is the AlienFX, an exclusive lighting control system that lets users create their own theme Alienware and effects in particular. Both laptops have 20 colors to choose from 10 different light zones, giving a total of over 10 trillion combinations of lighting. Alienware has been working with game developers to include AlienFX into more than 60 titles, ranging from cross platform games like Anomaly2, up to a PC exclusive games like Smite and Neverwinter, for the best experience that can only be enjoyed with Alienware. Well while recuperating, attacked, or complete the mission, gives the sensation of light AlienFX more when playing games. Alienware Command Center also has AlienAdrenaline, an automation tool games and applications that can be set alone, the latest ccelerator to dynamically optimize performance, and new performance monitoring tool. "Latest laptops is the result of what we heard and learned about the needs of customers since we first launched the gaming system in 1996. Spent a long time to think carefully every detail of both of these products to ensure that they are the best product lineup once we introduce, Availability Alienware Alienware 14 and 17 are available with a range of prices as follows: 
  Alienware 14 start from USD 2199 · 
  Alienware 17 start from USD 2499 · 
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