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Kamis, 16 Oktober 2014

What is Blogging?

For those of you who are new to the world of blogging, here are a few terms that are often used or known in the blogging world. Let's listen to the information to enrich our knowledge about blogging: 

1. Posting 

Defined as an activity propagate content information to be known by others. Posts may take between one party to the other party through the medium of email. Or from one party to many parties as one does when making a post on a social #media, blogs, websites or other media. 

By posting, then the party may disseminate the information in the form of articles, phrases, images, videos or sound files quickly and easily. 

2. Bloggers 

Parties who have a blog or creating content on a blog. Blogger build a blog is usually aimed at spreading information or announcements to be known by others who read their blogs. But there are also bloggers who make the blog as a means to jot down thoughts or expressions of mood everyday. 

One blogger code of ethics is to present a polite blog content, free of SARA and do not copy and paste from other blogs. In Indonesia, many bloggers are creative and able to develop a blog into a profitable online startup, for example, is FemaleDaily.com. 

3. Domain 

The unique name that is used as the address to identify a website, blog serveratau on the Internet. Domain dmanfaatkan to distinguish the address of the server with the other servers. Therefore, there is no website or server with the same name in the internet world. For example, if a server using the name www.google.com, then there will be no other server can have a domain which is exactly the same as Google's own domain. 

Domain upper class also has a classification under country, such as the various English websites whose domain ending with ".co.uk" or Malaysian website with the domain ".co.my" 

4. Templates 

Document or file that contains information about the model or the view that is usually used as a reference when creating other documents. Good template is a template that is attractive and eye catching without forgetting the ergonomics. 

A person who wants to create a blog or a website usually requires a template as a reference design and the look of her blog. 
At that time, there are many blog templates that can be downloaded for free so that make it easier for beginner bloggers blog in designing an eye-catching display and ergonomic. 

5. Tag 

The symbol used as a code to mark the command elements HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). 
The use of tags is usually done in pairs to flank the HTML commands in the system. 

Some tags are known in the HTML system include: 

<HTML> HTML to define the system 
The <p> and </ p> to make paragraphs 
Reviews tag and </ br> to replace the line (line break) 
The <img> and </ img> to insert an image into an HTML system 
6. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) 

RSS is a web feed format that is written in the format of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is used to inform a digital content is often in the update, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts. 

7. Blogspot 

One of the services that facilitate the creation of a blog free and easy. Blogspot service is provided free of charge by Google so automatically a blog that uses the facilities of Blogspot is usually easier to show up in the search results on Google search engine. 

Some advantages Blogspot: 

Using the existence of an HTML-based system 
Custom domain name is easy and free 
The template is easy to use and edited by novice bloggers 
Excellent security system 
Supports the concept of JavaScripts to use a variety of features and widgets. 

8. WordPress 

One of the services that facilitate the creation of a blog free and easy. WordPress was developed by the WordPress Foundation and using systems based on the PHP programming language. 

Some advantages of WordPress: 

The system is open source so it allows bloggers to get the system on WordPress software code freely. Bloggers are already quite expert can modify and develop programs as you wish WordPress 
Many plugins yan continues to grow according to the needs of the users of WordPress plugins like anti-spam, photo albums and other plugins 
Facilities and format text styles are complete and varied 
Supports multikategori system. This makes one article can be grouped into different categories depending on a blog 

9. Blog Walking 

Activity visiting various blogs according to their interests and needs. These activities are often carried out by the bloggers to increase their knowledge and insight about a variety of information ranging from the latest information about technology, celebrities, and other games. 

Through blog walking anyway, can form an interactive relationship among fellow bloggers. Bloggers who visit other blogs can provide comments or suggestions in the comments box provided. In addition, bloggers are also able to promote their blog by posting a URL link to get to the blog. A form of symbiosis mutualisme, both among the bloggers. 

10. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

SEO is a set of actions with specific techniques to optimize the ranking of a blog on the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

Hopefully some of the important terms in the above-mentioned blogging can provide additional useful information for the reader as well.