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Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2014

Where to find free blogger templates

Nowadays more and more blogger friends who make their blogs as a means of expression. Therefore sites that provide free blog templates coolest becoming increasingly popular. 

For my friends who prefer a novice blogger templates cool free blogs, then there are some websites that I can refer to all my friends. These sites must provide a template that focused on appearance and not a template SEO friendly blog, so do not be too demanding criteria SEO friendly template blog template offered. 

So please find your dream template on the following sites and download this cool blog templates are available: 
List of Site:

BTemplates site provides thousands of blogspot template collection is very diverse for you to download. Starting from the cool to the mediocre. Everything can be downloaded for free. You will be very easy with so many filters blog template provided by this site. You can classify a template according to the number of columns, color, style, and position of the sidebar. 

This is one of the best Indonesian blog. Blog template design created maskolis not only recognized in Indonesia, but it has been known and used a lot of bloggers around the world. With its sleek design and free, of course, the blog is selling well. It's been a lot of Indonesian bloggers who know the name maskolis. So please browse your target templates by clicking the link above and download the design template blog that you feel cool. 

It is a site owned latin Karla. Here are some templates that are designed by Karla and could be your choice. Only the number of templates offered is not much offered in BTemplates because this is not the site design of the terminal that receives donations from many people. So just try to visit the site above .... 

This one also is a blogger Indonesia, the template design can be said to be very cool with the "taste" that might be worth considering. Kurai urang not provide templates mediocre. Each template has its own characteristics and uniqueness. Once you land Kurai urang blog you will be able to judge for yourself scripting capabilities of Indonesian bloggers on this one. For those who like mechanical impressed template, please download .... 

This site has a collection that has not so many templates In addition to the free blog templates cool Dzignine also provides a premium, but I'm sure it's not a popular idea for bloggers Indonesia. We like the free .... right? 

It is also a personal belonging of Fowzie, the weakness of this blog is not to make the view screen shots, so you have to open each template and visit the demo page. somewhat troublesome, so maybe you can put this website at the end of the list of course, .... if all else fails. 

So you can use existing sites stitus above to search for the coolest blog templates for free, as a means expresses yourself. But it is also necessary blogger friends note the use of the script on the template chosen later. If it turns out too long script is loaded, then it is better not to use these templates, and search for style / design else.