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Minggu, 19 Oktober 2014

Where to find free images labelled for your blog?

Image or photograph is one of a complementary post. In order not to infringe a copyright, you should use a paid image. However, what if you are limited money? Do not worry, you can obtain for free legally from a variety of sites. Five of them I inform below. 

Flickr is a photo sharing site in the world. Unfortunately, not all members of these sites allow people copied their pics. The trick images used is to use the Advanced Search Page, then select Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content and type in the keywords you are looking for photos. 

When you find a suitable photo, right-click the image, and see Some rights reserved copyright to find an explanation. To obtain photos or images from this site, you can register in advance or it may not. 

Stock.xchng (SXC commonly called) is a site under the management of Getty Images. The site claims that they have 350,000 photos or 30,000 images from photographers. To get a picture of the site, you need to register first. 

Free Photos Bank provides free photos in multiple categories ranging from Abstract, Architecture, to Life. Different from SXC, you do not need to register to get the photo you are looking for. You simply download it. 

MorgueFile provide free pictures or photos without the need to register. You live look through the search facility or Explore the Morguefile which will take you to a variety of image categories. 

This site provides free photo via Free Stock Photos with diverse categories. You also do not need to register to get the desired image. 

Another way is to use the google search engine, quite simply by typing in the url bar like this: https://www.google.com/advanced_search
and select the tab and tick the user right" labelled to  free use, share or even commercial".

Happy hunting free photos for your blog!