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Minggu, 23 November 2014

Don't do this to Increase Your Traffic


1. Do not use SEO services that you receive via email. 
Today more and more that offer SEO services via email. You are required to exchange your money with thousands of backlinks. It was not at all good. I did not even open it and immediately delete it.

2. Do not double optimization of your backup URL.
Suppose you have switched from blogspot domain to * Forbidden * or even .com. Although it has been switched your blog can still be accessed with the original url blogspot. Do optimization of both. Do not submit both in the webmaster. Submit one who really want to fielding. 2 domains are on a search results page with the same purpose is very dangerous and can easily lure you into the sandbox.

3. Do not wait to do the SEO optimization. 
Optimization will be easier to do from the beginning. Arranging them neatly from the template (meta tags and template structure) until then to each the posts.

4. Do not obsessed with PageRank. 
You may build it and pleased with the results of your good PR, but do not think because you are a good PR, then your position in google result will be good also without other factors.

5. Do not choose too specific keywords.
Many bloggers are aware of the competition is very tight popular keywords. Keyword two words like, 'world cup', 'latest news', 'blog tips', 'mobile information' would be very difficult to penetrate. Then many bloggers choose to use long tail keywords. It was effective for early development but do not use too long and maybe not even the type. Now google gives advice to facilitate people in the search so as to minimize the possibility of typing keywords 'too' long. When people type, the 'profile players' then google will give a list of the most popular keywords down which would lure users.

6. Do not check the ratings at any time.
The worst is that it can make you stress or discourage your post. Perform optimization and SEO is not a result that can be learned in one or two days.

7. Do not use the same anchor for all of your incoming links.
To increase the power of keywords then current exchange links bloggers ask specific keyword. Do not do it for too many blogs, because it is not a google capture natural link building. It would be very strange looks if 1000 people who inspired you to put a link to your blog, and they have the same thoughts about your anchor. You can use the other way with words in front of or behind the target keyword. Suppose you are targeting 'the info phone'. You can ask a lot of options, "the latest mobile information 'or' update the info phone 'or' info info phone 'and many more.

8. Do not stop update your post.
More frequent updates better yet keep to stay organized. One new article means a new way to google.

9. Do not overdo it using Google addurl.
Submit your link on google addurl did make the index more quickly. Less than one hour of your article will be indexed. But if you do it every day you will be thrown instead of google. Ping your item in but similarly, do not overdo it.

10. Do not overdo the Meta Tag.
When you add a meta tag to your blog do not go overboard with giving more than 3 same word in the description. The most important is do not forget to put meta tags of google in webmastertools to verify your site.

11. Do not forget to Submit a Sitemap in Webmaster.
You can use the sitemap generator that provides far greater results than a standard sitemap.

12. Do not build a keyword with text or hidden links
Do not use the same font color and background keywords. You have to make sure the text or links will visible to the readers. Do not also use an anchor link with too little character or composition of strange characters.

That's it my friends. Good Luck!