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Sabtu, 22 November 2014

Earn Money from Uploaded Files


Surely you've upload files to the Internet. Could be on facebook, twitter, blog or professional web. Whether you realize it or not, it is not rare to upload activity is time consuming and did not realize the wasted time. would be futile if the uploaded only pleasure useless, especially if you are still hungry like me. no food so better you upload the files to get money, yeah money to buy food!

The survey shows, the majority of Internet users in the world still idolize the facebook, and google is still far rating than facebook. Logically, people use google to browse the news, knowledge, science, business analysis, web optimization, ads, and even earn money. While if facebook, predictably most people only updating the weird status that often inferior status. Does anyone use facebook for productive activities. Which has the data to refute this statement ahead? LOL

Therefore, let's use Internet activity for productive things, thanks yielding money. There are many ways and one of them is to upload files and earn the dollar. Do not believe it?

Here's the procedure:

1. Register in ziddu dot com

2. After create an account, you can upload your file, whatever as so as far not restricted.

3. The uploaded files could be monitored by you at any time.

4. Each file which is downloaded will be appreciated for 0,01 dollars. Do not inferior used, it needs patience and hard work. Evidently the owner of this blog has a monthly income in the number of thousands of dollars. Not bad right?

When you can take the money? A minimum of 10 dollars revenue dollars you've been able to be withdrawn via paypal.
How do I get people interested in downloading the files? you can make a blog or professional web page and make some links to your uploaded files in ziddu. Examples: create a download link in the download page. The next step, to do optimization and automated so that visitors crowded the opportunity to download the file.
good work buddy!