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Sabtu, 22 November 2014

Get Adsense Account from Youtube

Online Business. Making Money Online on youtube video that you have uploaded can produce money, this trick also works for you who do not have adsense account, as I have earlier post that registering in adsense now is very difficult, but you try to register adsense via youtube. Creating a Google Adsense account using YouTube is easier and will quickly approved, As Host of Adsense Account. As you know that Youtube is one of many partner of Google. So then you can use your Gmail account (Gmail) to enter Youtube access.

1. Log in to your youtube account, if you do not have youtube account, for God sake you have to make first at by using your gmail account.

2. Click the settings on the top right of your YouTube account.

3. Select "Allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos"

4. Click "View Additional Features"

5. Verify your phone number if you have more than 15 minutes of video.

6. Enable Monetization -> Enable the My Account -> Select All and click on I Accept.

7. Now go back to youtube YouTube Settings -> View Additional Features -> View Monetization Settings.

8. Now click on How do I get paid? -> Click on Adsense Account Association.

9. It will tries to use the same id youtube account to create a google adsense account, just click Next buddy

10. Then click Yes, Proceed to Google Account Sign In.
Enter the password and click continue. But in other case you dont have an adsense account you are able to make a new one from this with a new gmail.

11. Select the state where you live Country, TimeZone, Account Type: Individual or Business.

12. The payee name and the account must be equal to 18 years of age if under the age of parents use

13. Write your full address so that you do not check the shipping address wrong

14. Click submit aplication

15. Upload your video and click the Video Manager and Monetize.
That's how today's young make google adsense account via youtube then you will get paid if you erning already collected $ 100.
Two of my adsense blog get approved by this trick.