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How to Find Free .edu Backlinks Qualified with Google Search

Dot EDU today is still the main target backlinks for bloggers to boost their ranking of their sites / blogs, but sometimes it's so difficult to get free and good quality dot EDU backlinks, here I will give you SEO tips backlinks dofollow search for free. 
Dot edu Is a domain that is exclusively reserved for educational institutions such as schools, universities and other educational sites, Commonly dot edu usually used by foreign universities but if in some countries has different domain such in Indonesia generally use, In general, sites that use Google .edu domain has high pagerank and indexed by search engines very quickly then there is no harm to you for planting your blog with the backlinks .edu is also sprayed high PR and indexed quickly 

To find .edu backlinks turns out is not as easy as we think, but with a few tricks using the Google search engine we will be very easy to get thousands of .edu blog or forum that allows us to leave a comment or make a profile for free. 

Backlinks from .edu Blogs 

Please go to Google search and type in a query like this following code: 

site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment" 
site: .edu "Powered by BlogEngine.NET" site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment" 
site: .edu "Powered by ExpressionEngine" site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment" 
site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment" - "comments closed" - "you must be logged in" 
.edu Backlinks from Forum Profile 

Please type in and search queries as below: 

site: .edu "Powered by vBulletin" inurl: "register" 
site: .edu "Powered by phpBB" inurl: "register" 
site: .edu "Powered by PunBB" inurl: "register" 
site: .edu "Powered by SMF" inurl: "register" 
site: .edu "Powered by IPB" inurl: "register" 
site: .edu inurl: CreateUser.aspx 
site: .edu inurl: register.aspx 
site: .edu inurl: "wp-signup.php" 
site: .edu "powered by ExpressionEngine" 
site: .edu "powered by vBulletin" inurl: "register.php" 
"leave a comment" site: .edu 
"reply to post" site: .edu 
Targeted keywords .edu backlinks 

Once after you choose the web from google searching with dot edu domain then register or just leave a comment and dont forget to leave your blog links too.

To search backlinks for the desired keyword please replace the words in bold print with your own keywords as example below:

site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment -" you must be logged in "-" comments closed "" your keyword "
Better to use a more optimal Nodofollow Firefox Add-ons, so it would appear the blog that provides links with dofollow or nofollow.

Happy hunting and good luck and Thankyou!
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