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Jumat, 14 November 2014

Just Another adsense tips

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There are 3 main things that we must understand to be successful. But do not misunderstand, not that I can be successful and payout every month. I myself can not be paid every month because it is not easy.

But I can share experiences and predict publisher revenue based on the count that I have experienced. To be successful in your adsense should be able to get targeted visitors daily earnings and the daily order to obtain monthly earnings.

This article may be useful to you.

1. How to keep payout every month?

Get eaning average of $ 3.5 per day.
Earning 3,500, - USD per day if multiplied by 30 days or a month would generate $ 100, - (one hundred dollars). The threshold will be reached within a month payment.

2. How to get up to $ 3.500, - per day?

Get traffic in 1000 (one thousand) visitors per day.
A thousand visitors with a good ad placement will generate earnings 3.500, - per day. Even more!

3. How to get 1000 visitors per day?

Make 1000 the original article and get the numbers Alexa 500 thousand down.
We take the most simple matter of course. The number of visitors is equal to the number of articles. If your blog alexa figure has reached 500 thousand down and the number of articles already reached 1000 posts, then you will be able to 1000 unique visitors per day.

Improve the performance of yourself from now on.
If one day you can update one article, then you have 360 articles a year. So to get a 1000 article you took 3 years. What you do not saturate?

So, from now update your post at least 10 original articles per day. . But do not forget to put the source in order to avoid charges of plagiarism, for example, the image source or sources of the article. Link die does not matter because you have to change the language of 100%.

Source or reference aims to show that you are not the owner of the copyright, but that the source url copyright owner.

What if you see a successful publisher?
You will definitely not participate proud? Because if there is one person successful publisher will be able to motivate thousands of other publishers to participate successfully.

It's just that I can share and hopefully useful.