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Minggu, 16 November 2014

Simply tips to make your blog better

Having a blog or website of course be of pride for the owner, in addition to our blog and many people enjoy is definitely value of income that can be scooped from the blog can also be very high. When we think or might ask how the hell strategy to increase traffic to your blog? Are already know how? Actually to increase traffic to your blog or visit us there is a strategy that needs to be setup.

If a blog or website that you build already have many of visitors that many of course regular online advertising PPC, Affiliates and assorted remains will be easy. Large income from blogs with a large traffic is an impact, but the technical build these blogs how? Well this time I will share your information on the secret, strategies to build and increase blog traffic with ease.

1. Use Light Theme / Light Template

Using light template or light theme for fast loading page certainly help the visitors to feel comfortable when in your blog. Should reduce various kinds of widgets that are not too important because it usually can be made into a slow loading page. When visitors feel comfortable when open the information on your blog then that is one factor that can make the keystone of your blog to increase visitors.

2. Install the Social sharing Button

Sharing plugin or sharing panels that appear below the post to go to social media such as Facebook, Gplus, Twitter and others can help the visitors to more easily when you want to share what you write. It is clear that the panel can help to attract new visitors to your blog.

3. Activate the comments tab on the blog

By enabling comment tab on the blog gives readers the opportunity to argue with each other, the function of these comments it is clear to make visitors become more comfortable when they are in your blog. Especially if it comes with a notification feature, so any comments replay can make commentators back again.

4. Use Keywords in Articles

Using targeted keywords can make the article more easily found by visitors through search engines, especially Google. Examples of targeted keyword is "How to Eliminate Acne" surely this keyword search number very much. And many other samples that can be found when making articles with keywords targeted.

5. Create unique and interesting article

Make discussion a unique article can be interested to the reader, because so many readers find the information is because they are curious ane need to know the information. Be sure to make the article should be regular (update) to be more favored visitors.

Well, easy and simple is not it? Thankyou and Good Luck.