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Kamis, 20 November 2014

Starting Google Adsense


Probably You've already heard about Google Adsense to start an Online business? For those of you who love the world of blogging this term may not be unfamiliar. If you still do not have a clear image about adsense, you can pay attention to a sentence-by-sentence description in this awesome article.

Google is a giant company that acts as a search engine in the internet world. This means that people will search for information by typing a keyword in the Google search field bar, and then all the desired information out in accordance with the will of the user.

Popularity of Google makes a lot of people want to publish their advertisement. There are two usual ads that appeared on Google ads when we do a search and be in the top position. The second type of advertising is the ads on a website and the website owner is called the publisher.
Ads appearing on the website that is called Google Adsense. The owners of the website to obtain the results of the company Google for clicks made by visitors to their website. A publisher or website owner could earn tens of millions of dollars in a single month due to having Google Adsense business. Then, how to start a business Google Adsense? Below we present a surefire steps for beginners, with a note at least you know how to create a website, or if you do not understand it please buy the ebook guide to create a professional blog.

1. Keyword research

Define the topic or discussion you would do on your new website. whether the topic of health, computers, management, or business? Then create research at GKT (Google Adwords Keyword Tool). Suppose you want to create a website about Pregnancy. Then log in using your email address, then check the "exact" on the left, and select the location and language.

Type in keywords Maternal and you will get hundreds or dozens of keywords. All keywords are generated is called the parent key word, then find the derivative of each keyword in the keyword parent. copy all the keywords in the mic. Excel until you get a minimum of 300 keywords. You can do your own research with this method to learn about the define of keyword.

2. Create a website

Make a website template specifically to publish adsense ads where there is space ads on the top, right side and left side. This method can make bigger your potential clicks and of course there is a large increase revenues. You can create a website type of blogger or wordpress. Again, if you do not understand how to create a professional website or a blog, please buy the ebook guide blog or contact this genious man in the world. That's me buddy :D

3. Management of the website to make money

Make an article of 500 words minimum on each article. Then, spread the keywords four or five placement on your article. Make sure there are keywords in the article title, first sentence and the last sentence. Every day, for up to five articles, or as much dependent on your skills. Perform submit to social bookmarking sites to get backlinks and increase visitors.

Once the website gets filled by visitors, then Enroll to Google Adsense. When you are accepted, your hard work has paid off and be prepared to earn a regular income every month. However, today many providers making of Google Adsense account so you do not need to be rejected.

That's a short way to start a business through Google Adsense which I hope to inspire you all.