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Jumat, 14 November 2014

Template for adsense approval easier

navigation menu
Based on my experiences and also from sharing tips of my blogger friends, The template without the feature of auto-readmore is easier to be approved if it is used to register in adsense. And that I have experienced to prove this so many times during the sign up adsense.

What is? Cause I dont knows exactly is but google knows, but I will explain to guess why the template with non auto-readmore will easier to get approved.

However this does not mean template equipped with auto-readmore can not be approved by google adsense, of course you can, it's just a template auto-readmore usually need to add the navigation on the homepage so easily accepted. For example, other options or random post are placed at the bottom of the main page alias homepage. Thus, the homepage, and single post will have the same navigation options are many.

We all know, the navigation menu is very important for visitors to make them easier to read the entire contents of our blog posts, and it is required by the adsense program policies that meet the eligibility criteria as a publisher. In addition to navigation, open content clearly highly favored by google adsense because visitors can see the content with ease. By the time the visitor opens the Home, then the content will be seen clearly if we use the template without equipped with auto-readmore. It might be the reason why the template without auto-readmore readily accepted by adsense.

But on the template design using auto-readmore then the content will be cut off when the visitor opens the homepage or homepage (main page). As a consequence, we have to multiply the navigation if we use a template auto-readmore to register adsense.

The following important navigation you should include in the blog that will be used to register adsense that allows us to get approved are:

Recent Post, about 10 posts in the sidebar top

Archvieblog, do not forget to make a model and put it in the sidebar scroll middle or bottom

Related articles, at least 4 postswith thumbnail / image

Search engines, a maximum of 2 pieces and put it at the top of the blog or header

After finish, please register to google adsense, I believe your blog will be accepted by adsense as long as your blog also eligible with google adsense TOS.
Hey ya..my english is very bad, if you have a question just comment below. Thankyou.