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Top Secret on How to Find Highest Paying Keyword

Research! How to Find your targeted keywords with Google Keyword Tool 
Keyword is the key to the success of a blog article. If the articles are written to target the right keywords, it is likely that the article will get a lot of visitors. Vice versa, if the article was to target keywords that are not right, then it is probable that the article will not get many visitors. You mean the right keywords here are the keywords searched by many visitors-.

Errors choose keywords that underlie many novice bloggers fail to attract visitors. Instinct, instinct and predictions only that underlie the beginner bloggers in targeting keywords article.

It is not wrong anyway if you want to write articles with keywords that are not targeted. However, if you are targeting the article with a lot of visitors so happy or not you have to do keyword research first.

The article "Research! How to Search for Keyword Targeted With Google Keyword Tool "I Sharekan to you so that you do not carelessly in targeting a keyword in writing articles. Useless you write articles with high quality but with keywords that are not targeted. Would not it be better if you write articles with high quality plus targeted keyword right.

Ok, for ease of explanation. I will embark on a case study. I want to create a website / blog about online business. So what should we do?

How to Search for Keyword Targeted With Google Keyword Tool

# 1 Go Google Keyword Tool HERE ( login with your gmail account )

# 2 Click "Search for new keyword and ad group ideas" and then enter the keyword "Online Business" -> Click Get Ideas -> Click the "idea of the keyword".


Then the results will come out is as shown below!


From the picture above, you can see that the results for the keyword "Online Business" has a lot of opportunities. You can see the number of searches per month and level of the competition. For an example, "Starting Online Business" 9900 searches and low competition keywords as well as others. you can choose keywords with high searches and low competition level.

Take at least 5 targeted keywords then put together a few keywords into a single keyword. Example: online business, starting an online business, How to start an online business. Try to unite into a "New online business". With that method you don't only target one keyword in one article, but a direct target multiple keywords at once.

Remember, targeting keywords with 1 or 2 syllables was very difficult. If you are targeting keywords with 1 or 2 syllables then you will be more difficult to compete. Therefore, use a few syllables to minimize competition. Note: There are many ways to search for keywords article. This is just one of the ways commonly used by bloggers including me. Thankyou.
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