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The Differences of Computer Power Supply (AT and ATX)

Power Supply computer is a very important component for computer, because power supply is functioning convert AC current into DC current and voltage to provide components that exist in the CPU such as: motherboard, hard drive, floppy disks, and CD Room. Basically there are two kinds of power supply types AT and ATX power supply. On this occasion I will continue my previous post about the power supply, but on this occasion I will review the difference between the power supply type AT and ATX power supply types.

AT Power Supply
This type Power Supply has two power connectors (P8 and P9) which connected to the motherboard, so that when installing the power connector should be very careful not to overturn. How to setup the AT power connector that is by looking at the black cable from the second connector (P8 and P9), then if paralleled the black wire of the connector will meet if the two connectors together. In this type of existing power supply ON / OFF button which is directly connected to the computer casing so as to turn on or turn off the computer we have to press the power button. Power Supply AT type rarely found at this time because the power supply of this type are used during the Pentium II and Pentium III.

ATX Power Supply
Power Supply cable of this type has already become one package of 20 with number 20 pin to be connected to the motherboard to provide the required voltage motherboard. Installation of the power cable of this type is easier than the power supply for the type AT power connector has been adapted to the power connector port on the motherboard, so that these connectors can not be reversed because if inverted connector can not be installed on the motherboard. ATX Power Supply is equipped with a power switch or so-called auto shutdown so as to turn off the computer can be done by pressing the shutdown without having to press the power button the computer. This type of power supply used for the Pentium III computer until now.
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