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Jumat, 30 Januari 2015

Google Affiliate Network

Google Affiliate Network
A new way to monetize your blog has come to Blogger is called Google Affiliate Network which has been integrated with Adsense offer more options to monetize your blog. Google Affiliate Network is a membership system that allows Google to establish a relationship between publishers and retailers

Using Banners, images or text links on our site to advertisers, as in any affiliate system when carrying out a transaction through one of these links, whether it is a record or a purchase, Google records commercial activity and pay us a commission or bonus. There also are paid campaigns also available by clicking fees for selling a product are very high and the ease of making cash payments through our Google Adsense account.

Using it is very simple you just have to create your account, that the main requirement is that you already possess an active account with Google Adsense, you are asked to register data as your main website and other web addresses that you want to monetize, which also have to add a brief description of the contents thereof, you indicate that country are, promotional methods you intend to use (you can now choose between direct advertising on your website, email or encouraging customers to purchase) and the payment, among other things. 

Once you have created your account you can choose between products which suits you and suits the content of your website, when you've simply decided you give click to join the program and once approved your request to join the program you can promote products they offer. For all bloggers in the United States there is a Gadget when you're writing about a product or brand show you among the products that you can choose to advertise on this input, these ads are displayed on the right side of the editor where you write tickets there possibly find a text link, an image or a banner. Google is working to integrate this functionality to all bloggers so it would be a great plus for the service provided blog publishing system.

So why don't you try this method? Good luck!