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Rabu, 04 Februari 2015

Wi-Fi Map, a Complete Map of Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi Map, a Complete Map of Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi Map, a Complete Map of Wi-Fi Networks. Currently almost all holders of a smartphone equipped with a data connection in your rate. This allows connection from anywhere on the network, however, may thus limiting traffic (these connections are always limited) coverage as we arrive at a site need other options that access the Internet.

Wi-Fi Map is a comprehensive database of wireless networks, both open and closed and shared, which will allow us to know easily Wi-Fi networks to which to connect from anywhere through the active collaboration of its user community . This platform has more than 2.1 million access points worldwide.

Once downloaded and installed on our devices first thing we will ask the application permission to access our location. Thus the application automatically show us the available access points near our location instead of having to search manually on the map. If you do not accept the application permission to access our location we can also use it, but geo-positioning.

Once you upload your application will see a map of our area, wherein in said map see "shaped clouds" different routers of its database, both those open without key as those with a password but are shared on the social platform .

You can scroll the map to other locations (limited to a radius of 2 km in the free version) to search for other networks closer to our location. We can get information on each one by clicking on the "cloud" relevant. Definitely a great platform that has been created, and even held with the cooperation of the community who share their networks with other users. Although able to have access points almost anywhere, we should be careful whenever we connect to Wi-Fi networks open or public as you never know who is hiding at another point on the access point. This application is distributed as an app for both Android and iOS that you can download completely free of charge via the following links: