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Minggu, 01 Februari 2015

Window 10 Installed Update?

Window 10 Installed Update?

Windows 10 can be installed with Windows Update. Windows 10 is the long awaited new version of the operating system, which many believe could bring back the great success of Windows 7 and Windows XP to the world of computers. Officially announced several times, it seems that we already have a working version of the new operating system that can be easily installed on any computer with Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Before installing Windows 10. Most likely want to install Windows 10 for testing and the new version. However, before that you have to consider two things. First, it is necessary that you have an original version of Windows 7 or Windows 8, as the update will not work on an unofficial version. That said, we must also bear in mind that we talk about Windows 10 Technical Preview. Obviously, it is not a final version of the operating system so it could have significant errors, or not to be a very stable version. At a minimum, it is temporary, so that in the future will have to do without it.

Install Windows 10 Technical Preview. The big news is that very easily can now be installed from Windows Update. To begin, you must install an update that you can download from the official website of Windows. Click the "Start upgrade now" button and you just have to follow the instructions. Once installed the downloaded file, you must restart the computer.

Once the computer has already started, simply go to Windows Update to locate the operating system update is available, it will be Windows 10 Technical Preview. This weighs almost 3 GB, so it is normal to take some time for the update. Click Install to begin the update process. Note that the great weight of the update must be added the fact that many users who may be trying to download the new version at the same time, which could make Microsoft servers have a heavy load.

Finally, remember that this version of the operating system is not the most stable, so if you need your computer to work, maybe not as convenient installation. It is preferable to use a computer you can spare some time if you meet this version of the OS is not what we were looking for at this time because it is not a final version.