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Senin, 18 Januari 2016

Edimax IC-7001W Firmware Download

Edimax IC-7001W IP Camera Firmware Download. Watch homes and offices at low cost has become indispensable for users today. Manufacturers are aware of these and many already have in the market IP cameras that allow the user to configure a lot of aspects. Edimax has gradually become a reference when purchasing technology products for smart homes and would not be an exception in this segment. The Edimax IC-7001W is a comprehensive IP camera that offers the user a high demand function that is robotic. Although it may seem that this feature could gaining excess weight the final price, the reality is very different and for 70 euros (about) can acquire this IP camera.

Download Firmware Edimax IC-7001W
Other features of this camera is that it can send images to the user's email or FTP server, with the origins of such a detection system very well calibrated movement and the user can configure through the web menu that possesses. Day and night at a maximum resolution of 640 × 420, without doubt, one good specifications for such an affordable price vision. And last but not least also has wireless N WiFi interface, allowing to place the camera anywhere where WiFi network of your router or access point is in range.

Edimax IC-7001W IP Camera Utility and Firmware Download
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Download Camera Firmware Edimax IC-7001W
With respect to the performance test we opted to record a video and show you quickly how web configuration menu Ip Camera Edimax IC-7001W while observing how the viewing and movement of the robotic head. For manual installation and configuration you can go into space that manufacturer where you can find analyzes of other products and their manuals. After the test run you have seen showing the operation of the head and viewing images both under normal conditions and in low light, we just have to add that the web configuration menu has a little mistake with regard to its operation. And if you have not set well in the "Wireless" section of the menu is not displayed and enabled the wireless interface can be configured either as menus are empty and WiFi networks not find any result occurs. With the available implementation has been done without any problems, and we believe that is a point of failure in the firmware. This can be resolved by resetting the device without saving the values of the network settings.

Download Firmware Camera Edimax IC-7001W
By value we could say that we are facing one of the best cameras on the market, even though we have to put some buts. The inclusion of the robotic head is a wise and movement of this both from the same local network or from an external network is fast and accurate. Applications for both Android and iOS work well and do not suffer any slowdown. The firmware is very comprehensive and web configuration menu allows not only viewing images from the camera, but the configuration of other important aspects, such as notifications, motion detection or sending traps to a server FTP. The only thing we found on this camera is not including HD resolution, which is partly covered with the other benefits that owns the camera. We also noticed some abnormal operation and configuration menu at any given time might forget to completely reset the device configuration.

This firmware isn't compatible with older version, so please reset your network camera to factory default settings after you upgraded this firmware.

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